French Onion Soup

Every year on Christmas Eve, my sister-in-law Megan makes French onion soup. We were fortunate enough to partake in this annual family tradition during our... Read more

Marble Rye Bread

I baked my first bread two years ago. Since then, I have made loaves of sourdough, French baguettes, and focaccia with fresh chopped herbs. But... Read more

Pumpkin Ale Homebrew

What better way to celebrate the homecoming of our Samuel Woodford than to pop open a few seasonal homebrews? Stephen and I started this batch... Read more

General Tso’s Chicken

When it comes to Americanized ethnic foods, General Tso’s chicken ranks at the top of my list! Although, finding a decent General Tso’s in rural... Read more

French Baguettes

I’ve been told I have great buns, but wait until you see my baguettes! As I mentioned in my sourdough post, bread and beer are... Read more

Sourdough Bread

Bread and beer share a symbiotic relationship with yeast, a bond that represents one of the oldest forms of biotechnology. However, bakers (and brewers) from... Read more