Letter to Sam: Six Years

Dear Sam, Happy birthday to our silly, spirited, favorite buddy! You are fearless, imaginative, independent. You are an athlete, an engineer, an artist. A good friend and a protective big brother. You are compassionate and considerate. You are SIX. You have grown so much this year. Four inches and eight pounds, to be exact. Your limbs are longer, your face... Read more

A Berry Sweet First Birthday for Our Evelyn Claire

The rain didn’t stop us from celebrating our berry sweet one-year-old earlier this summer. We invited friends to our favorite park for the festivities. We served sandwich platters, fruit and veggie trays, and homemade cupcakes. And we gave each family a jar of homemade strawberry jam. By the end of the afternoon, Evelyn was covered in watermelon juice, pink frosting,... Read more

A Day in the Life: Summer 2017

Friday, July 28, 2017 Emily: 35 | Nick: 34 | Sam: almost 6 yrs | Nora: 3 1/2 yrs | Evelyn: 13 mos | Lucy: almost 5 yrs 6:30am | Nick’s alarm goes off. I groan and roll away from the buzzing as he begrudgingly gets out of bed. But … TGIF! 6:45am | I hear the girls’ bedroom door... Read more

Letter to Evelyn: One Year

Our Evelyn Claire, You are ONE! We can’t remember our lives before you, and we can’t imagine our lives without you. Your sweet smiles, squeals, arm squeezes, eye squints, and sloppy kisses brighten our days. And every cliche about time passing too quickly? Is completely true. I can still feel the warm weight of you laying on my chest for... Read more

Letter to Evelyn: Eleven Months

Dear Evelyn, I suppose that I should start to say “almost one” when someone asks your age. But how is that possible? Weren’t you just a tiny baby, sleeping in my lap, while I sat cross-legged at the pool, watching the big kids dump buckets of water onto each other’s heads? Yet here we are — just a few short... Read more

Day in the Life: Spring 2017

Tuesday, April 18, 2017 Emily: 34 | Nick: 34 | Sam: 5 1/2 yrs | Nora: 3 yrs | Evelyn: 10 mos | Lucy: 4 yrs 5:22am | Evelyn is whimpering, so I tip-toe into the girls’ room and lift her out of her crib. I nurse her and lay her back down in the pack’n’play in the corner of... Read more

Letter to Evelyn: Ten Months

Dear Sweet Evie, I have had these photos on my camera and my phone full of notes since you turned ten months old almost two weeks ago. You are learning and growing and changing at lightning speed that it’s hard to keep up with each new milestone! You are crawling all over the house, exploring everything from the insides of... Read more

Luck of the Irish

Hosting a St. Patrick’s Day party in your 30s is quite different than hosting a St. Patrick’s Day party in your 20s. While the kids watched our neighbors roll a keg onto their front porch at 7:30am, I started to prep meat and veggies for Guinness Beef Stew. Then Sam helped to cut fruit and assemble a rainbow on the... Read more

Day of Love

We spent the Monday before Valentine’s Day signing cards for the kids’ classmates. We were all perfectly satisfied with our non Pinterest worthy Valentines from the good folks at Target. Nora chose Paw Patrol, and Sam chose Star Wars. After signing, stuffing, and sealing 30 cards, we moved on to creating Valentine’s treats. We placed kisses on pretzels, dipped strawberries... Read more