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  1. Glad to finally view your site. Great stuff. So happy for you both. 3 weeks – enjoy whatever and what little sleep you might still be able to get! You both look great. Let us know when you are in York again so we can come and meet Miss or Mr. Peanut please. You are in our prayers.


  2. Hi Nick and Emily,
    I have grown up in a traditional Italian Family. When I heard about your strore I couldn’t wait to contact you. My sister and our husbands are coming to Bedford for our anniversaries.
    Is there any chance you have 4 openings for dinner on April 21,2012. Please let us know when you have a chance. So excited to hear from you.

    Patty Silich (Antonucci)

  3. Hi! I have been reading your blog post for a while and as always, am very inspired by all of your cooking/receipes! I recently purchased a Le Creuset Dutch oven and have been using it a handful of time (only using wooden spoons) but started to notice little black dots inside my Dutch oven. They are very small (black pepper size). Seems like the enamel came off but I am not 100% sure. I know you guys love to cook and also own one of your own. I would really appreciate to hear some feedback from the experts!

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