Oktoberfest: Wursts

There are probably hundreds of regional varieties of Wursts (sausages) in Germany. We were limited by what is available here in central Pennsylvania, but we... Read more

Oktoberfest: Pretzels

In Munich, we indulged in pretzels as big as our heads. Unfortunately, it wasn’t possible to make dozens of gigantic pretzels for our Oktoberfest party.... Read more

Black Forest Cherry Cake

Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte is the traditional dessert of southern Germany. Literally, it means “black forest cherry torte,” and it consists of whipped cream and cherries between... Read more

Homemade German Spätzle

In just 16 days, we will be consuming copious amounts of Bavaria’s best schnitzel, spätzle, and bier. Oktoberfest officially kicks off on September 18th, and... Read more


We drink German beer: Hofbräuhaus München, Hacker Pschoor, Reissdorf Kölsch, and Schneider Weisse. And we eat German food: Weisswurst, Schweinshaxe, spätzle, and Bauernschmaus. Find out... Read more