Week 33

HER PERSPECTIVES Best Moment: So many good moments this week! First, we found out during our sonogram that Peanut is measuring right on track at... Read more

Week 32

HER PERSPECTIVES Best Moment: The former guest bedroom/home office is finally starting to feel like a nursery! My parents came this weekend to help move... Read more

Week 31

HER PERSPECTIVE Best Moment: We had our first childbirth class this week! Despite feeling a bit stressed by the time we arrived (we underestimated the... Read more

Week 30

HER PERSPECTIVE Best Moment: The Wiley clan invaded Altoona! My father-in-law and his five siblings were born here, and they returned this weekend with their... Read more

Week 28

HER PERSPECTIVE Best Moment: We set up the crib this week! The former guest room/office finally feels more like a nursery. Thanks to my dad... Read more

Week 27

HER PERSPECTIVE Best Moment: Wedges and stilettos may be stylish, but I just can’t wear them. Not before and definitely not now. My mom also... Read more

Week 26

HER PERSPECTIVE Best Moment: Spending the weekend in Maryland with my best ladies. Although, admittedly, Peanut and I both missed Nick. In fact, I am... Read more

Week 25

HER PERSPECTIVE Best Moment: The nursery furniture has arrived! We had originally planned to order it from a local furniture store and expected to wait... Read more