Week 14

HER PERSPECTIVE Best Moment: I almost have a legitimate baby bump! It’s still not obvious enough that strangers notice — and, probably, most of my... Read more

Week 13

(We are now officially caught up with our pregnancy posts! Week 14 began on Saturday, so you can expect weekly updates from this point forward.... Read more

Week 12

HER PERSPECTIVE Best Moment: So many memorable moments this week! We got to hear the strong and steady heartbeat of our little one, and we... Read more

Week 11

HER PERSPECTIVE Best Moment: Our first ultrasound! Our appointment was scheduled at 8am on March 4th, and we were both so anxious that we couldn’t... Read more

Week 10

HER PERSPECTIVE Best Moment: I spent the weekend in Massachusetts with my favorite ladies – my favorite ladies who now know our exciting news! I... Read more

Week 9

HER PERSPECTIVE Best Moment: I’m pretty  pleased with the prenatal yoga video I bought this week. Of course, it’s no Kerry Bestwick power yoga class... Read more

Week 8

HER PERSPECTIVE Best Moment: The three-hour nap I took after work one night. Seriously. It was the best nap — under the covers of my... Read more

Week 7

HER PERSPECTIVE Best Moment: Nick spent the week in New York, and I was so grateful for his return on Friday afternoon. By that point... Read more

Week 6

HER PERSPECTIVE Best Moment: It’s official! The doctor confirmed our pregnancy with a blood test on January 25th. Now I can just relax and stop... Read more

Week 5

Thank you all SO much for your sweet comments and tweets on yesterday’s big announcement. We are thrilled to finally share our excitement with the... Read more