Week 5

Thank you all SO much for your sweet comments and tweets on yesterday’s big announcement. We are thrilled to finally share our excitement with the world!

And now, we hereby declare this Baby Week on the blog. We promise to get back to recipes next week (root beer-glazed pork chops, anyone?). But, first, let’s recap the first trimester, shall we?

We’ll begin on January 15th.


Best Moment: Getting a positive result on our pregnancy test, of course! Nick saw it first: “Pregnant.” Clear. Bold. Undeniable. (Thank you, Clearblue digital.) We hugged in our pajamas, our bare feet on the cool tiles, above that magical stick.

Symptoms: Nick claimed that I was a “healthy eater” (which is a polite way of saying I can keep up with him bite-for-bite) on our very first date. But even I couldn’t satiate my hunger this week. I snack throughout the day on pretzels, peanuts, granola bars, clementines, grapes, and, yes, the occasional oatmeal cream pie from our snack box in the office. And I almost always take a banana to bed with me to satisfy the hunger pang that undoubtedly occurs every night around 11:30. At least I don’t have to stack Saltines on my nightstand to curb morning sickness. Yet.

Cravings/Aversions: Nothing specific. Just give me food, please!

What I Miss: Too overwhelmed with excitement to miss anything!

What I Can’t Wait For: To confirm the pregnancy with our doctor because it still seems so surreal.

Milestones: We only just found out we’re pregnant, but Peanut is already the size of a sesame seed (though it looks more like a tiny tadpole than a human being). The embryo is made up of three layers, which will eventually become the brain/spinal cord/nerves/backbone, the heart/circulatory system, and the lungs/intestines/urinary system/liver/pancreas. And we have officially entered the most crucial period of development — now through week 10.


Best moment: Seeing the “Pregnant” on the digital pregnancy test is hard to top — Emily neglected to mention that we took four more after this one.

Symptoms: As it turns out, I got my first gray hair this week… coincidence? I think not. In addition, I feel as if I have already put on a few pounds. What’s the expected weight gain for the father?

Cravings/Aversions: I did have pickles and peanut butter one evening, but believe it or not, that pairing is not out of the norm for me.

What I Miss: Heading to our favorite watering hole in Altoona to grab a drink together. It’s not the same when I’m the only one drinking; although, it will be rather convenient always having a designated driver on hand.

What I Can’t Wait For: To tell someone! I’m terrible with secrets, and admittedly, I talk to my mother on a daily basis… it’s going to be a looong two months until we can spread the good word.

Milestones: To be more precise, the three parts are the mesoderm, endoderm, and ectoderm, but that’s just a neuroscientist talking.

6 thoughts on “Week 5

  1. Just catching up on all my blog news and WOW what exciting news to come across! Congrats to you both – can’t wait to hear about all the fun you guys have preparing for you new addition!

  2. You look great! I love the perspectives from both of you guys! And, great job on taking drinks when you were offered…I know I’ll have to do that if we ever get pregnant. 🙂

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