Week 9


Best Moment: I’m pretty  pleased with the prenatal yoga video I bought this week. Of course, it’s no Kerry Bestwick power yoga class (which I miss immensely), but it’s also ions better than the lunch hour meditation offered at work. There are planks and warriors and triangles — with modifications for each trimester. And I feel amazingly loose and relaxed after my 50-minute living room session. Now I just need for the temperatures to rise above freezing so I can build some outdoor aerobic activity into my routine. Until then, Dance Central it is.

Symptoms: I may have spent 90 minutes obsessing over a sandwich from Jimmy Johns this week. Not craving. Obsessing. Baked ham, provolone cheese, lettuce, and mayo on a soft sub roll. With a bag of BBQ chips on the side.

It started around 10:30am, far before the culturally acceptable lunch hour. And so I waited. Until 11:30am. But because Nick had driven me to work that morning, I had to subtly suggest the idea to my colleagues. But they preferred a place that didn’t require us to drive downtown.

So because I couldn’t scream, “But I’m pregnant! And I need a ham and cheese sandwich!” I had to settle for a bowl of leftover quinoa with apples and carrots, a banana, and a granola bar. As I walked into the kitchen to get my lunch bag from the refrigerator, I heard the familiar crinkle of red and white paper and the faint smell of baked bread. So. Cruel. I salivated as I walked past four unwrapped Jimmy Johns sandwiches sitting on the desks of our staff assistants.

I’ll thank the guys later for forcing me to eat a healthier lunch. And by “thank,” I mean I’ll make them feel terribly guilty for letting a pregnant woman’s obsession go unfulfilled.

Cravings/Aversions: See Jimmy Johns sandwich reference above.

What I Miss: Twice this week I had to wear long sweaters to cover my unbuttoned jeans. That’s right, folks, my jeans are already tight, and I’m only at week 9. Perhaps it’s time to invest in a bellyband. Or at least master the rubber band through the buttonhole trick.

What I Can’t Wait For: To buy a pair of pants that fit.

Milestones: Peanut is nearly an inch long this week – the size of a grape! All of the essential body parts are accounted for, and the heart has finished dividing into its nine chambers.


Cravings/Aversions: Aversions… blogging. Sorry gang. I need a break.

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  1. Oh my gosh, you are the cutest! Congratulations to you both! Your belly is adorable…it looks like you had an extra helping at dinner 😉 I’ve never heard of Jimmy John’s before, but now I am curious!

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