Week 30


Best Moment: The Wiley clan invaded Altoona! My father-in-law and his five siblings were born here, and they returned this weekend with their kids and their kids’ kids for a fun-filled family reunion. We visited the Rail Roaders Memorial Museum and the Horseshoe Curve in honor of Nick’s grandfather who was a train engineer. We spent hours chatting and reminiscing with family members on a perfect summer evening while the littlest kids played games and ran relay races. We indulged in local favorites: Texas Hot Dogs (Barack Obama has even eaten here) and The Meadows. Oh, and we figured out that Peanut will be the 41st great-grandchild! And the only one born right here in Altoona.

wiley family reunion

We were thrilled to host Nick’s parents and sister for the reunion weekend. Aunt Kiwi even spoiled Peanut with a few gifts including Sophie the Giraffe, a set of owl bookends, Steelers t-shirts, and the most perfect bib I have ever seen.

baby bib

Symptoms: Heartburn. I thought I knew what heartburn was, but I really had no idea until the third trimester. TUMS Smoothies and I have become pretty tight. Also my feet itch. Often. Is that a symptom of pregnancy?

Cravings: I’ve been thinking about fried pickles ever since Anna made them for dinner club last week. So, of course, we made a big batch to serve alongside turkey burgers and sweet corn. Aside from pickles, what’s the other stereotypical pregnancy craving? Ice cream. And I was craving that this week, too. My first batch of chocolate peanut butter ice cream was such a huge success that I believe it’s soon time to try another recipe from The Perfect Scoop.

What I Miss: My family. Seeing Nick’s family made me miss my own. Fortunately, I’ll get to see them in a few weeks at our baby shower. And my brother will be back from London in just over a month!

What I Canā€™t Wait For: Our first childbirth class is next week. Things are starting to get real, folks.

Milestones: Peanut has hit the 3lb mark! No wonder my belly has felt especially hard this week — I think he/she is running out of room. The little one has also been very active this week — most notably around 10am, 3pm, and 10pm. I think I’ve even felt somersaults — most unusual/incredible sensation I have experienced yet. Something else that’s equally as incredible? Hearing the heartbeat. I will never get over that strong and steady “lub dub, lub dub.” Sister-in-law Kirsten got to hear it at this week’s appointment, too. She may have even cried.


I think Emily covered just about everything this week!

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  1. Wow! Fun times! It’s always nice when you get to the final 10 week countdown! We went to Altoona last August! It was so much fun and a nice break from this Texas heat! My kids got to experience a lot of first at Lakemont park! We also got to ride the world’s oldest roller coaster! Altoona is such a pretty place with the mountains but I just remember getting to have a milkshake from br being one of the highlights of our trip!!

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