Settling Into Our New Space

The Culinary Couple has moved! Last weekend we packed our Le Creuset Dutch Oven, our Calphalon knives, and our Pampered Chef gadgets. We drove 50 miles southwest of Locust Lane in State College to our new home on Noelani Drive in Duncansville. We then drove 150 more miles to Andover Drive in Dover to finally empty my parents’ basement of our wonderful wedding gifts: Noritake dishes, Crate and Barrel glasses, Oneida flatware, KitchenAid appliances, and many beautiful serving bowls and platters. Finally, all of our belongings are under one roof!

We’re still unpacking boxes and orienting ourselves with our (full size!) kitchen. Despite it’s size, we don’t have enough storage space. And so we’re anxiously awaiting the arrival of this little beauty.


We’re also having to adjust to a new commute. Nick has a few more weeks until he needs to be on the road, but I started by 50-minute commute this week. This calls for some major menu organization. I plan to work on that front this weekend. Until then, we’ve been eating some of our simple favorites.

Oh, and Nick located the waffle maker and assembled a wonderful Sunday morning treat!


Here’s to many more meals in our new home!

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