Marble Rye Bread

I baked my first bread two years ago. Since then, I have made loaves of sourdough, French baguettes, and focaccia with fresh chopped herbs. But... Read more

French Baguettes

I’ve been told I have great buns, but wait until you see my baguettes! As I mentioned in my sourdough post, bread and beer are... Read more

Sourdough Bread

Bread and beer share a symbiotic relationship with yeast, a bond that represents one of the oldest forms of biotechnology. However, bakers (and brewers) from... Read more

Focaccia Bread

I love beer and bread. One reason is because the use of yeast in these products is perhaps the oldest form of biotechnology. Another reason... Read more

Oktoberfest: Pretzels

In Munich, we indulged in pretzels as big as our heads. Unfortunately, it wasn’t possible to make dozens of gigantic pretzels for our Oktoberfest party.... Read more