Farewell to Summer

Summer’s last hurrah will be celebrated next week in Virginia Beach. But before we leave for a few final days of sun and salt water, let’s catch up on our (very eventful) summer. 33rd Birthday Nick surprised me with an early birthday dinner at The Accomac Inn. And it definitely ranked in my top ten favorite meals. The highlight was... Read more

California Quinoa Salad

Has is really been almost a year (?!?!) since I last shared a recipe? That doesn’t mean I haven’t been cooking. It just means that it’s hard enough to get dinner on the table with one kid demanding the iPad and another kid hanging on my legs, let alone break out my big camera to snap photos and take notes... Read more

Family First

There was no place I would have rather spent our “homeless” summer than in my childhood home. One month later, and I know that my parents still miss the chaos that Sam and Nora and Lucy brought into the house. My dad’s mornings are definitely more quiet without kids requesting scrambled eggs and pancakes and stealing sections from the newspaper.... Read more

Letter to Nora: August 2015

Dear Sweet Girl, I’m sorry that life has been too busy to allow time to write regular letters to you. But I’m not sorry that we have been filling our days with outdoor adventures, art projects, and road trips. We have visited farms, museums, parks, and playgrounds. Created mini masterpieces with stickers, markers, glue, and glitter. Traveled to Virginia, Maryland,... Read more

How to Road Trip with Young Kids

Summer is slowly drawing to close. But you may have one more road trip planned before August turns to September. If so, here are a few tips that worked for us during our recent road trip from Pennsylvania to Alabama with a 4-year-0ld and an 18-month-old. 1. Stock up on new toys and activities from the Dollar Store and Target,... Read more

Road Trip to Alabama

It’s not really summer unless you strap the kids in the car for a fun-filled good old fashioned road trip, right? Right. Unless your kids are almost 4 years old and 18 months old. And a 10-hour trip turns into 14+ hours with multiple meltdowns, spilled Cheerios and apple juice stains, Shake it Off on repeat, and a momma who... Read more

Cousin Time

I didn’t realize how lucky I was to grow up within 30 minutes of all of my cousins. Unfortunately, Sam and Nora will not know that luxury. With aunts and uncles in four different states, their cousins will always be a long car ride, if not a plane ride, away. We were able to stop in Virginia for less than... Read more

Lake Tobias

I recruited Laura to help take my little animals to the Wildlife Park. Lake Tobias is home to lions, tigers, alligators, bears, zebras, monkeys, and more. The buffalo, bison, deer, and alpaca roam free on 150 acres, and we got to feed them while on our safari tour. Nora thought the animals were hysterical, but Sam was a bit skeptical. Read more

Trip to Greensburg

I took the kids back to Greensburg for a long weekend. We all loved seeing some of our favorite people — but it also made us miss them that much more! We enjoyed play dates, pool time, an afternoon at Idlewild, and an Octonauts birthday party. I also visited the new owners of our old house. It was bizarre to... Read more

Strawberry Fields

Laura invited us to Barefoot Farm in Dover to pick strawberries. We picked a few quarts — and ate at least a quart more — because it’s not really June without sticky red hands and mouths! Sam said it best: “I like the strawberries when the sun makes them warm.” Read more