Newborn Evelyn

A few favorites from Miss Evelyn’s newborn photo shoot with Mudpies N Butterflies. Thank you, Mandy, for capturing another milestone in our family’s story! Save Read more

Evelyn’s Birth Story

The third one is supposed to be the easiest, right? The pregnancy, the labor, the delivery, the demeanor of the baby after birth. Well, not entirely. I felt my first contraction before going to bed on Tuesday, May 31st. We were still two weeks from baby’s due date. So I didn’t expect it to turn into anything significant. Except that... Read more

Letter to Samuel: June 2016

Dear Sam, It was almost five years ago that we were anxiously awaiting your arrival. And, here we are, just days away from meeting your newest sibling. We can’t wait to see you become a big brother all over again. You have grown so much since starting preschool in September. Not only did you master your ABCs and 123s, improve... Read more

Letter to Nora: June 2016

Dear Nora, Your baby brother or sister is due to arrive any day. But before you’re promoted to “big sister” status, I want to remember you as our littlest. You are our blue-eyed beauty. Our spunky and opinionated one, sometimes stubborn and demanding and dramatic, but also empathetic and sensitive. You love with your whole heart and give the greatest... Read more

Bumpdate: The Third Time

I meticulously recorded every detail of my first pregnancy: the kicks, the cravings, the size comparisons to exotic fruits and vegetables, and the nursery that was almost completely decorated before I entered the third trimester. Nick even joined in on the fun and added commentary to our weekly updates. We took a picture of my growing belly every single week,... Read more

Funny Valentines and Sugar Cookies

I have baked these soft sugar heart-shaped cookies with the kiddos for the past three Valentine’s Day. And I’ve never blogged the recipe. So, even though, it’s April, we’re going to travel back in time to February. (2013 | 2014 | 2015) First up, a sweet Valentine’s Day party at Sam’s preschool. They sang songs, gave heart mobiles as gifts,... Read more

Catch Up (Again)

During this season of life, I don’t have the time (or, honestly, the mental capacity) to share recipes or toddler crafts or parenting tips in this space. But that’s okay. Because this blog still serves a very important role in my life. I don’t want to forget these days — the good ones, the grand ones, the exhausting ones. And... Read more

Snow Day

Winter Storm Jonas brought over two feet of snow to North Jersey in late-January. It was snowing when we woke up on Saturday morning and didn’t stop until after we went to bed that night. The kids couldn’t wait to get outside, despite the frigid temperatures. I allowed them to put on their snow gear and go explore while I... Read more

Christmas in VA and PA

The only year that we spent Christmas at home was the year that I was 38 weeks pregnant with Nora. Every other year, for eight years, we have traveled to spend the holiday with both of our families: from Pennsylvania and California to Alabama and Virginia. But it’s always worth all of the prepping and packing and the hours spent... Read more

Letter to Nora: TWO

Dear Nora, You are smart and sassy. Independent and opinionated. Stubborn and sensitive. Silly and oh so sweet. You are a storyteller and an artist. And such a love bug. You are two! At your two-year check-up, you weighed 26 pounds and measured 34.5 inches. You allowed the doctor to check your eyes, your ears, your mouth, and your belly... Read more