Letter to Samuel: Five

Dear Sam, FIVE! You have been anxious to turn five since some of your best buddies hit the milestone age during school last year. Five means so many things. It means you are big enough to dress yourself and pour a glass of milk and climb to the top of the spider’s web and memorize the code to unlock my... Read more

The Summer of Three

This was a summer full of learning opportunities. How to give adequate attention to three little humans and juggle their opposing demands. How to take three kids to the grocery store and how to sanitize three sets of hands after 15 minutes inside a public bathroom. How to eat while holding a baby and constantly refilling juice cups and snack... Read more

Letter to Evelyn: Three Months

Dear Evie Girl, Three months is every bit as magical as I remember. You are awake and alert for longer stretches of time. You turn your head to our voices, make eye contact, and talk in excited coos and gurgles. You suck your hands and grab your feet and reach for toys. You use your legs to push against our... Read more

Letter to Evelyn: Two Months

Dear Evie, You are one month older, one pound bigger, and learning new tricks every day! You are smiling and cooing and constantly blowing bubbles. You have mastered the pouty face and can cry real tears. You open and close your hands with intention, stare at your feet when you kick them, and turn your head towards our voices. You... Read more

Letter to Evelyn: One Month

Dear Evelyn Claire, It is true that time seems to march forward faster with each child. You seem to reach milestones earlier and outgrow clothing sooner. While I am left trying to hold onto these moments longer. You are our third, and I have learned that there is no such thing as “spoiling” you or creating “bad habits.” I cuddle... Read more

A Day in the Life | Summer 2016

Last time I recorded a day in the life post, I was barely pregnant and could not yet comprehend what it would be like to parent three young kids. Well, here I am, parenting three young kids. And surviving. Mostly. Tuesday, July 12, 2016 Emily: 34 | Nick: 33 | Sam: almost 5 yrs | Nora: 2 1/2 yrs |... Read more

Newborn Evelyn

A few favorites from Miss Evelyn’s newborn photo shoot with Mudpies N Butterflies. Thank you, Mandy, for capturing another milestone in our family’s story! Save Read more

Evelyn’s Birth Story

The third one is supposed to be the easiest, right? The pregnancy, the labor, the delivery, the demeanor of the baby after birth. Well, not entirely. I felt my first contraction before going to bed on Tuesday, May 31st. We were still two weeks from baby’s due date. So I didn’t expect it to turn into anything significant. Except that... Read more

Letter to Samuel: June 2016

Dear Sam, It was almost five years ago that we were anxiously awaiting your arrival. And, here we are, just days away from meeting your newest sibling. We can’t wait to see you become a big brother all over again. You have grown so much since starting preschool in September. Not only did you master your ABCs and 123s, improve... Read more

Letter to Nora: June 2016

Dear Nora, Your baby brother or sister is due to arrive any day. But before you’re promoted to “big sister” status, I want to remember you as our littlest. You are our blue-eyed beauty. Our spunky and opinionated one, sometimes stubborn and demanding and dramatic, but also empathetic and sensitive. You love with your whole heart and give the greatest... Read more