No More Blonde Jokes

Who knew I had this color beneath the highlights? The highlights I’ve been getting since my sophomore year in high school. I decided recently that I’m tired of the maintenance. (My hairdresser scolded me last summer for going four months without a touch-up. But I was busy climbing into the Grand Canyon and camping on mountaintops and boogie-boarding in the... Read more

Waiting for a Permanent

I live in a transient town, at least for those of us in our 20s. There’s an ample supply of intoxicated undergrads, a lesser supply of educated grads and Ph.D.s, and a nonexistent supply of unattached young professionals. The population rises again with rooted families and retirees. So when does this place become a permanent one? Buying a home involves... Read more

A Pair of Jeans for Every Occasion

You know what I’m talking about, ladies. I have my lazy weekend lounging jeans that stretch like sweatpants. They’re soft and worn like the sheets I slept on as a little girl. The threads are so thin that they’re likely to separate at any moment. Some already have. Small tears near the corners of my back pockets, frayed foot holes,... Read more

30,000 and Counting

Ruby passed the 30,000 mile mark this week. (Ruby is a term of endearment for my 2004 ruby red Honda Civic.) Good time to reminisce. The Prizm was on its last leg, but probably could have handled a few more miles. But I was three months out of college and finally had a steady paycheck. The time had come to... Read more


Make new friends, but keep the old. One is silver and the other is gold. We sang that song in elementary school girl scouts while holding hands in a circle. Then we’d pass around a squeeze to let our neighbors know we cared. Coincidentally, two of the girls from that circle have remained two of my very best friends. They... Read more

Some Lessons Learned

From Mom:1. Never go to bed angry.2. Don’t wear sandals on an airplane.3. Carry your money in a small sash under your sweater when traveling in foreign places.4. Calculate how much you’re saving rather than how much you’re spending.5. Hardwood floors are cozier than carpet.6. Hot cocoa tastes better with warm milk.7. How to wrap gifts with bows and ribbons.8.... Read more

Sweet Summertime

Sitting on the back deck on a warm summer evening, candles burning around the table and mini lightbulbs glowing around the doorway. Corona in hand, bare knees tucked tightly to my chest, shorts and a t-shirt covering my bathing suit (worn during my lazy afternoon spent floating in the pool), damp hair swept into a ponytail. Across the table from... Read more

I Want You to Want to Do the Dishes

Best line of The Breakup, and so true. It’s not about the actual act of helping, it’s about the desire to help. In Vince Vaughn’s case, it’s not about putting down the video game controller, getting off of the couch, and helping Jennifer Aniston clean up after the dinner party. No, it’s about her not having to ask for his... Read more

Draino Woes

Occasionally I long for a handy man. Someone to do the tough stuff like changing the light bulb of my hard-to-reach hall fixture or dragging my queen-sized bed across the room to vacuum the carpet. Yesterday I could have used some muscles to open the draino. After 15 minutes of grunting and sweating and a raw right palm, I gave... Read more

Happiest Feet

Never have I ever seen a pair of feet move like those of Savion Glover. What an incredible performance on Thursday night! He danced to the classics of Bach, Vivaldi, and other noteworthy composers, perfectly performed by a nine-piece string orchestra with occasional accompanient by a pianist, a horn player, and a drummer (a.k.a. Chocolate). Savion glided across the raised... Read more