My Man

(Written during the fall of 2006.)

Intellectually stimulating, witty smart sense of humor, makes me laugh out loud, and values family above all else. Never ever smokes. Ambitious and adventurous and athletic. Compassionate and romantic and respectful. Attractive and affectionate. Values nature and doesn’t mind getting dirty. He can’t dress better than me or take longer to get ready than me. Feels comfortable in a ball cap and jeans. Confident. I want a man who knows where he’s going, even if he’s not there yet. Someone who confronts fear, rather than running from it. Tells me I’m beautiful and means it. Adores me. Pays attention to details. Gives me butterflies and foot rubs and piggyback rides. Well-read, well-spoken, well-traveled. Good storyteller. Laughs at my jokes, but not at my singing. Appreciates food and music and movies and art. Spontaneous and open to new cultures and experiences. Feels comfortable in a crowd of unfamiliar faces. Sincere. Polite. Makes eye contact when talking. Open and honest and trustworthy. Doesn’t play games. Doesn’t forget to call or wish me a goodnight. He just lets me be me and loves me for my innocence and quirks. Makes me a better person.

(He does exist!)

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