Week 21


Best Moment: Unfortunately, it’s rare these days that we’re able to gather even half of our best friends in one place, which is why we so enjoyed a long weekend in New England and a quick night out in Washington DC. Peanut is lucky to have such wonderful honorary aunties and uncles!

Symptoms: Leg cramps and toe cramps. I feel like I’ve returned to my days as a ballerina. But this time it’s because of a certain little Peanut and not a pair of new pointe shoes.

Cravings/Aversions: Still able (and willing) to eat everything, though due to our busy travel weekends, we have spent little time in the kitchen. On the few nights we have been home, we’ve resorted to lasagna from the freezer, grilled cheese and tomato soup, and omelettes.

What I Miss: A few weeks ago I missed my jeans, but I’ve grown to love my maternity wardrobe. So far my favorite pieces of clothing include: full panel sexy boot cut jeans from Gap (totally worth the price tag), super stretch slim leg jeans from Love by Heidi Klum (I have both white and blue jeans), layering tanks and jersey dresses from Old Navy, and black leggings and colorful tunics from Macy’s. Also, still loving and wearing LEC cardigans. I think I may actually miss the forgiving waistbands and stretchy shirts after Peanut arrives!

What I Can’t Wait For: We’re planning to plant our container garden next week. And hopefully the tomatoes, peppers, and fresh herbs will inspire us to get back in the kitchen.

Milestones: Peanut is swallowing amniotic fluid on a regular basis these days, and we learned at last week’s ultrasound that the taste of the fluid depends on the food that I eat. Yes, Peanut has already developed taste buds! And so far, he/she is a very healthy and agreeable eater. Since last week, he/she has gained at least another ounce and grown another inch. (Peanut gained an ounce and momma gained a pound. Go figure.)


Best Moment: Celebrating Mike’s 30th birthday in Washington DC! And yes, that is skeeball in the background of the picture below. Guess who was the big winner… that handsome devil on the left.

Symptoms: My alcohol tolerance is unusually low these days, in part because I feel guilty enjoying a libation with dinner when Emily can’t. Thanks to a bourbon nightcap at 4am with Mike, my symptom this week is a hint of a hangover.

Cravings/Aversions: Not bourbon.

What I Miss: Our kitchen.

Milestones: He/she is about the size of a healthy spaghetti squash. Peanut’s senses are developing, and you know what that means … Daddy gets to sing to Peanut on a regular basis now!

8 thoughts on “Week 21

  1. Adorable! Love your shirt!! I’ve had leg cramps some too. Mostly during the middle of the night. I love the weekly development e-mails. So neat they know all of that stuff!

  2. Leg cramps, oh no, I have them too! Wait, I said I wasn’t going to ready Emily’s symptoms, and instead would just focus on Nicks. A hangover, yep I have that also so I’ve switched to bigger pants (from LL Bean, Spring Catalog) and it seems to have helped the situation although my family laughs at me (they seem to do that a lot) for having my pants pulled up so high. Maybe I should post some pictures… You know, Emily, thinking about this some more it seems you and I are having so many of the same symptoms and since the Dr. is certain I’m not with child then maybe you should see your family Dr. about getting prematurely old! Do you also suffer from gas pains, do you pee your pants when you sneeze, do you make grunting noises when getting up off the couch, do you spend an hour looking for your glasses only to find them perched on the top of your head, do you have a line of pills to take every day, do you get up in the middle of the night to pee??? Discuss this with your Dr., I’m betting if you don’t have these symptoms yet you’re gonna. Nick, keep singing to the little humanoid, make sure you skip some of the words and mess up some verses. It’s something dads do. And always keep up with the current tunes so you know what your kids are listening to and you can sing along with them on the many car rides. Oh, that reminds me of another sign of aging, when your kids are listening to remakes of music, like Venus by J Lo, from your high school days…

  3. You look amazing, Emily! And I love that Nick sings to the little one – that’s most definitely something Carsten will do too once the time comes. Are you a little behind in your weekly updates? I thought you must be around the 23 or 24 weeks now? Miss you!

  4. You look fantastic! I’m still getting caught up on your weekly posts but I’ve gathered you’re not finding out the sex of the baby. So fun! How exciting it will be when you find out in the delivery room! I hope the leg cramps go away soon – those are no fun.

    I look forward to reading more and following along with you on the baby journey!

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