You Are The Best Thing

After our introduction, we headed straight onto the dance floor, I handed off my bouquet to my sister, and DJ Wild Bill queued our song: “You Are The Best Thing,” by Ray LaMontagne.

Nick and I had spent four Saturday mornings with Kevin from Dance Harmony learning the East Coast Swing to accompany the folksy, bluesy style of Ray LaMontagne.

The first time we joined in the middle of the studio’s dance floor, I couldn’t help but take the lead. I reminded Nick of the footwork while we were moving and counted down the first turn. But when we met in front of 150 of our family members and friends on August 28th, he held my hand with a firm grip and effortlessly guided me through the rock steps and spins.

We hit every beat of our first dance together as husband and wife, and I love that we sang the words to each other.

wedding first dance

wedding first dance

wedding first dance

wedding first dance

You’ll notice that the sides of tent were down due to the weather, and it only got worse. I’m not kidding when I tell you that there was major flooding in central Pennsylvania that night. But nobody complained when the rain started to seep under the tent. We were dry and cozy and surrounded by absolute love.

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{photos credit to Robert Winton}

14 thoughts on “You Are The Best Thing

  1. I heart Ray! Saw him last year and he was fantastic! And that song is one of my faves as well. Totally suits you both and love your smiles! 🙂

  2. Alyssa, I saw Ray in NYC a few years ago, and I’ve been in love with his music ever since. We had to speed up the song to fit the swing dance, but he still sounded all sweet and raspy. Doesn’t he remind you of Van Morrison?

  3. I live in LA and saw him at the Wiltern last November. Very cozy. Sounded so good. He reminds me a bit of home. Which actually is in PA…

    Van Morrison speaks volumes to my soul. I own most of his albums except for the 2 most recent ones. Sweet thing is my all time fave. Astral Weeks is my fave album from him. His vibe is chill, like Ray for sure. But Lamontagne reminded me more of Bob Seger. The soulful side anyhow. 70’s Bob. Not cheesy 90’s Bob (Chevy wha?).

    What’s your fave album (s) (from Van and Ray)?

  4. Alyssa, yes! I knew you would be a fan of Van. My favorites from him are Crazy Love and Moondance. As for Ray, I only have his first album, and I love it. Do you have Gossip in the Grain? If so, do you like it?

    I now feel the need to listen to some Bob Seger, circa 1970.

  5. I do have Gossip in the Grain and I love it! There are so many great songs on there. I started out with “Till the Sun Turns Black…” Then moved to “Trouble.” I think the Gossip album is much slower and has a more dreamy/celestial vibe (i.e. the song”Gossip in the Grain”). Also, in parts it’s more blue-grassy I think (like “Hey Mama”) than the in others. I grew up in a podunk town and I hold bluegrass music close to my heart. My father was a musician among other things. Love love love it. My friends and I tailgated at PSU and would blare the stuff so loud you’d think there was a hoe-down going on. Fun times.

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