Yours, For All Time

As I already told you, Nick surprised me with a bottle of Daisy at the rehearsal dinner. I knew I would smell extra sweet as I walked down the stairs to meet him, and I was not expecting anything more. And then Laura pulled out a small gift tied with a red ribbon. The envelope said, “Emmie,” and I knew it could only be from one person.

The note said, “To My Wife on Our Wedding Day. Here’s to the time of our lives and a lifetime of perfect days. Yours, Nick.”

I smiled. It just had to be a watch! (And also a clever reference to the night he proposed.)

It was a watch! And it’s stunning. It’s a Skagen with a silver mesh band and a pearl face. It looks absolutely elegant on my wrist.

Kirsten, Nick’s sister, said to look closely. There might be a special message on the watch, which she found amusing considering she knew what gift I got for him. (I’ll give you one guess!)

Kirsten helped to look for the engraving.

Laura helped to look for the engraving.

Oh, I finally found it! “Yours, For All Time” on the clasp. What a sweetheart. One of the many reasons why I’m marrying this man.

Then Quinn stepped in to help to put it on my wrist. Unfortunately, it was too big, and we didn’t have time to figure out how to resize it. And so I placed it back in its box for safe keeping.

Thank you, Nick! It’s perfect.

{Photo Credits to Robert Winton}

Next: Let’s check in on the groom.

4 thoughts on “Yours, For All Time

  1. What a wonderful story unfolding! I’ve just finished with a “going nowhere” relationship and I’ve been down about it lately. But then I read your journey with Nick and it’s inspirational. You give me hope, Emily. I tell ya, you give me hope!

  2. Hang in there, Alyssa! We’ve all been in similar situations. I met Nick when I least expected to (in a lab while covering a research story). He truly is my Prince Charming, and you’ll find yours, too!

    1. Hi Emily, I’ve been a reader of your blog for years and it’s always a wonderful read with every entry that pops up in my RSS feed. Thank you for responding back in September 2009. Your words rang true, I hung in there and I did, in fact, meet my match. We’ve been living happily ever after for over a year and a half (and looking forward to many more years ahead)! Thank you for sharing your life experiences. You are truly a talented writer and an inspiration. Best wishes to you and your family!

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