Becoming a Bride (part 3)

Oh, the moment every woman looks forward to — slipping into her gown on her wedding day, accessorizing, and seeing herself just as her groom will see her.

Mom helped to prepare my dress — a job only a mother can do.

And once it was on, the girls helped to make it perfect.

Then I saw myself as a bride for the first time!

Next Laura helped with my necklace.

And Mom helped with my earrings, while Dad looked on.

I slipped my feet into my shoes. And, of course, my toenails matched.

The transformation was complete! And our photographer used his artistic eye to get some really lovely shots. I felt so much like a bride in each of these moments. Composed. Confident. Beautiful.

{Photo Credits to Robert Winton}

Next: A gift from my groom.

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