'Twas the Night Before

I didn’t realize until about half way through our rehearsal that I had only eaten part of a blueberry muffin and a few bites of pasta salad all day. So very uncharacteristic of me. But brides-to-be, take note. It really is possible to forget to eat when you have so much running through your mind.

Thankfully, my wonderful in-laws pulled together a yummy meal for us to enjoy that night. And I also must note how thoughtfully they decorated the second floor room that was reserved just for us. I just love the rustic vibes of the Eagles Nest in York.

When we arrived, we all ordered drinks and mingled and nibbled on fruits, veggies, and cheeses. Then we sat down to place our orders. Entrée choices included crab cake, filet mignon, and chicken chesapeake. The crab cakes are really, really amazing. And I should know; I’ve had my share of crab cakes.

While we were waiting for our food to arrive, Dad Wiley gave a touching toast. He even choked up a bit when he acknowledged that his “baby boy” is getting married.

He then turned it over to Mom Wiley, who surprised me with a sweet little speech. She explained that when she moved to California, daughter Kirsten gave her a Tiffany’s heart necklace and said that they would always be close in heart. Mom later gifted the heart necklace to Kirsten and daughters-in-law, Megan and Robyn. And now it was time to welcome a new Wiley woman into the family! How sweet. Thank you for the beautiful necklace. I’m privileged to join a family with such strong and devoted women.

(Side note: When Nick was shopping for a necklace to give to me on our first Christmas together, Kirsten told him he was not allowed to get the heart necklace. You know what that means … she suspected we may end up together even way back then!)

Next it was our turn. Nick and I presented gifts to everyone playing a part in our big day.

For the bridesmaids: ruby red earrings to match their dresses and clutches of different damasks. I also slipped chapstick and tic-tacs into each clutch.

{from ThePeachTree}

{from KaraMiaSofia}

For the groomsmen: This one was totally Nick’s idea! He wanted to give each groomsman a photo from the bachelor party. So we bought barn wood frames, glass backing kits, and blue mats. He then decided it would be cool to Gocco “OBX 2009″ onto each of the mats. They turned out really well!

Here is the proud creator with his work of art just after its completion.

Nick also had mugs engraved with their initials. After the boys unwrapped them, we collected them back to bring to the reception the following night. Also, our dads got mugs that said “Father of the Bride” and “Father of the Groom” with the date. And we couldn’t leave the bride and groom without a sweet drinking vessel. Ours said “Mr. Wiley” and “Mrs. Wiley,” of course.

The mothers got handkerchiefs. You know, in case they get a little teary eyed at the ceremony.

{from Holly Sew}

We also gave photobook “vouchers” to my parents and his parents. After we receive all of our professional photos, we’d like for them to choose their favorites, and we will design and print photobooks just for them. I’m actually really looking forward to trying out Blurb or Snapfish.

Last, but not least, our ring bearer. And another brilliant idea from Nick! We had a baseball bat engraved with “Most Valuable Ring Bearer” and his name and our wedding date. During dinner, Sean asked me whose  bat was sticking out of the shopping bag. Observant little guy! I told him it was a gift for Uncle Nick, and he had to keep it a secret. Boy was he surprised when we pulled it out of the bag and gave it to him!

Fun was certainly had by all, including the youngest members of the family.

And we can’t forget about the decadent desserts! We thoroughly enjoyed the platters from Providence (also the baker of my bridal shower cake and our wedding cupcakes).

Just as my almost husband and I were getting ready to part, he pulled me aside. He gave me a small box with a note on top. It said, “Since I don’t have much luck getting flowers to you, I wanted to deliver these in person.” (case in point) I was stumped! I tore into the box and found a bottle of Daisy, the sweetest fragrance from Marc Jacobs.

And that is how we celebrated our final night before becoming husband and wife.

{Thanks to our friends and family for providing the photos.}

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