Week 10

HER PERSPECTIVE Best Moment: I spent the weekend in Massachusetts with my favorite ladies – my favorite ladies who now know our exciting news! I... Read more

Week 9

HER PERSPECTIVE Best Moment: I’m pretty  pleased with the prenatal yoga video I bought this week. Of course, it’s no Kerry Bestwick power yoga class... Read more

Week 8

HER PERSPECTIVE Best Moment: The three-hour nap I took after work one night. Seriously. It was the best nap — under the covers of my... Read more

Week 7

HER PERSPECTIVE Best Moment: Nick spent the week in New York, and I was so grateful for his return on Friday afternoon. By that point... Read more

Week 6

HER PERSPECTIVE Best Moment: It’s official! The doctor confirmed our pregnancy with a blood test on January 25th. Now I can just relax and stop... Read more

Week 5

Thank you all SO much for your sweet comments and tweets on yesterday’s big announcement. We are thrilled to finally share our excitement with the... Read more