Weekend in Photos

Bangers ‘n’ mash. British ales. Opening ceremonies. Cheers! Festive baked sour cream doughnuts. Hardwood floors. French doors. Floral wreath. Hugs for Nana and kisses for... Read more

Week 26 Photos

Last week was a busy one. We kicked it off with Sam’s nine-month well visit. Thankfully Nick was along to entertain our wild man while... Read more

Week 24 Photos

Welcome! Sam is ready to start his day. And me? A morning run is what gets me going. And chocolate. Always chocolate. Sam agrees. We... Read more

Week 23 Photos

While Nick was in Philadelphia last week, Sam and I spent some time with my family. And our neighbors’ chickens. I’m a bit jealous of... Read more

Week 22 Photos

The boy is on the move! Crawling and climbing are his current favorite activities. In addition to chasing our little monkey around the house, I’ve... Read more

Week 21 Photos

Keeping up with Mommy cheddar bunny for cheddar bunny. Assembling our new patio furniture. And dining al fresco later that night. After Sam was asleep.... Read more

Week 19 Photos

Sammy has been quite confused by the state of our house this week. The stacks of boxes and his empty shelves. And, most noticeably, his... Read more