Halloween 2013

I realize that Santa arrived at the mall two weeks ago and at least half of you have already set your Pandora station to holiday tunes, but I must recap our Halloween for posterity sake. So here we go.

We chose a simple costume for Sam this year — one that required no additional purchases except for a new white shirt, which he needed anyway. The pants came from last year’s local consignment sale; we got the hat when we met Thomas; and I found the red handkerchief at the bottom of a dresser drawer. Easy-peasy!

Allow me to introduce our mini train conductor.


Sam learned to ask for “treats, pease” followed by “dank doo” just in time for Halloween. We enjoyed several festive playdates, and we spent a Friday evening at the mall with at least 1,500 other kiddos where Sam ate no less than five lollipops. The weather on October 31st was cold and rainy, but we managed to make it around the cul de sac and fill his felt pumpkin bag with lots of goodies.





Holidays are so much more fun with kids!


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