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The Evolution of a Ring Bearer

03.12.2015 · Posted in Sam Stories


Last year was a big wedding year for us: six total. And Sam was ring bearer in three of them. He matured a lot between July and November. Wedding #1: Sweet drummer boy insisted he walk down the grassy aisle after Mommy, rather than with her. He proudly beat his drum for five seconds before […]

First Day of Preschool

11.21.2014 · Posted in Sam Stories


With a late September birthday, it was difficult to find a school that would take Sam this year. But I really wanted to get him into some sort of organized program. He has never spent time away from me, and I felt it would be beneficial to his social development. And, admittedly, I was looking […]

Superhero Birthday Party

10.14.2014 · Posted in Entertaining, Sam Stories


Sam requested a “super party” months before his birthday. He asked for super capes for his friends, pizza, popcorn, and blue cupcakes. Easy enough! I spent every evening for about a month working on the capes. But they were well worth the time and effort! In fact, they are the coolest thing to come out […]

What Sam Says: Volume 2

10.05.2014 · Posted in Sam Stories


Sam is imaginative and inquisitive, and sometimes I can’t believe the things that come out of his mouth. I encourage him to ask new friends: “What is your name?” But he prefers: “What your name is?” He also says: “Where you are?” and “Where it is?” I hear “why?” at least a dozen times every […]

Tiny Wonder Time at Winnie Palmer Nature Reserve

08.14.2014 · Posted in Sam Stories


The Winnie Palmer Nature Reserve (founded by wife of local golf legend, Arnold Palmer) is a 20-minute drive from our house, and they host a fantastic preschool program called Tiny Wonder Time. The program runs year-round on the third Wednesday of every month and costs just $1! Each session includes a story, a craft, an […]

Little Sprouts at Schramm Farms

08.12.2014 · Posted in Sam Stories


I love that Sam is approaching the age that he can participate in sports and science camps and organized activities. Yes, he still has a short attention span, but Schramm Farms does an incredible job entertaining and educating kids with their Little Sprouts summer program. We participated in 4 of the 12 weeks: Trucks and […]

What Sam Says: Volume 1

05.13.2014 · Posted in Sam Stories


I have an ongoing notes file on my iPhone where I record all of the silly and surprising things that Sam says. The things that make me laugh and the things that leave me wondering, when did he turn into this little person with questions and opinions and an awesome sense of humor. To his […]

Letter to Samuel: 29 Months

02.28.2014 · Posted in Letters to Samuel, Sam Stories


This face just looks like trouble. Rosy red cheeks from racing around the house. Chocolate on your mouth from the piece of candy you stole out of the snack cupboard. And one of three “super” shirts that you insist on wearing every day. Then there’s that silly grin and those bright blue eyes. And it’s […]

Letter to Samuel: 27 Months

01.03.2014 · Posted in Letters to Samuel, Sam Stories


Whew. Between facing the final weeks of pregnancy, prepping for a house full of holiday guests, and disciplining an increasingly opinionated toddler, December was an exhausting month! But it was also magical and memorable. Let’s find out what our Mr. Samuel has been up to this month. {Photo Credit Mudpies N Butterflies} Likes: Curious George. […]