Tuesday Things

1. I’m craving routine in this new year. When I worked full time, I had a very predictable routine. From my morning cup of hazelnut coffee to a book in bed before turning out the light. Now I operate on Sammy time. But we’re through the “fourth trimester,” and I do believe we’re both ready to establish a (flexible) routine. Caring for this sweet boy will always be my number one priority, but I’d feel more satisfied if I could tackle a few more tasks throughout the day.

2. Sam has been an agreeable sleeper since the day he was born. It didn’t take long for him to decipher day from night, and he has been sleeping consistently for 7-9 hours for the past three months. Naps, however, have recently become a struggle. Why? Because instead of cuddling him during those long daytime naps, we’re trying to transition him into the crib. It’s been a challenge, to say the least. He has no trouble putting himself to sleep; it’s the staying asleep part that he hasn’t yet mastered. After 30-45 minutes, like clockwork, he wakes up screaming. (The 45-minute intruder, perhaps?) So I swaddle and re-swaddle and re-insert the pacifier and rub his belly and stroke his cheeks and try as hard as my heart can manage to not pick him up and hug him tight. Moms On Call says that it takes 3-5 days for a baby to form a new habit, so I’m hoping this gets easier.

3. Maybe the reason why Sam is having trouble napping is because he has so many wonderful new toys to stimulate him during the day. Thank you, Santa! (And grandparents, aunts, uncles, and friends.) His big gift this year was a jumperoo. And, although his feet can’t quite reach the floor, he’s still so mesmerized by the lights and sounds.

4. Remember the Vitamix that we bought just before Christmas? Well, we’re using it on a daily basis now. I’m sort of addicted to the following green smoothie: 1/2 cup vanilla Greek yogurt; 1 cup almond milk; 1 tablespoon peanut butter; 1 frozen banana; 4 cups spinach.

5. And to make that green smoothie even more enjoyable to drink, I bought our first pair of Tervis Tumblers — with colorful straws, of course.

6. I’ve been losing hair at an alarming rate. I know it’s a normal postpartum symptom, but it sort of freaks me out.

7. Speaking of postpartum, I’m now just 2 lbs over my pre-pregnancy weight. Woohoo!

8. That weight loss, though, has little to do with exercise. I’d like to say that I’m running every other day, but I’m just not there yet (see thing #1). I do, however, want to run another half marathon this summer. I know I just need to choose a race and sign up so I feel motivated to train.

9. Nick emailed this article to me yesterday. It’s why we quit cable.

10. And now I leave you with a photo that makes me laugh out loud. Do you think he’ll grow into it before spring?

8 thoughts on “Tuesday Things

  1. That article Nick sent you was spot on. We stopped paying for cable a year and a half ago and use netflix, hulu and the internet, hooked up to the tv through the LG box (apple tv makes a system as well but we found that one unreliable). Works great and has saved us so much money.

  2. WOW on the 2 lbs thing – holy cow that was FAST! And I lost SO MUCH HAIR after the baby that I literally thought about going to see a doctor. But it stopped and things are getting back to normal now. ps- that photo of him in the snow suit makes me bust out loud each time.

  3. i have to admit, one of the things i’m most nervous about after the baby arrives is lack of routine. i thrive on structure and routine and know it will be a struggle to just let go for those first few weeks (months?).

    that last picture is awesome.

  4. Are you staying at home with Sammy now? One of my SAHM friends says structure is so important in that life – she said before she built a routine for herself she was frustrated and lonely all the time. But I think it took a while to get it all in place, so go easy on yourself!

  5. Ok…so many thoughts!! First, super congrats on the weight loss!! Yay! On the sleeping…I have 3 boys myself and I will say stick with it girl. Its so rough not picking them up but it so pays off in the end! Now my little guys just head to bed…my 2 yr old (he’s my 3rd) is such a good sleeper. We started early with him and now he’s the best! Oh and routine is my life! In the past I didn’t have “laundry” days etc.! Now its the only way I keep my sanity and I am craving simplicity. I don’t want to be wiped out at the end of the day! That actually is something we are working on as a family…keeping it simple. So, we usually try to do no more than 1-2 outings a day, have mondays & thursdays dedicated to laundry, friday for shopping, etc! It really does help!! Oh and I too went through the hair loss thing…actually lasted awhile…totally does freak you out! By the way LOVE the last photo!! 🙂

  6. Please let me know if you figure out how to establish and stick to a routine when working from home with a child. I still haven’t figured this out and it’s killing me. Sometimes I wonder if I would be better off going back to a real job where at least there was structure.

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