Photo a Day – Week 2

8/366 A green drink a day keeps the doctor away.

9/366 Bath time is the best time.

10/366 Dogfish Head Ta Henket beer. Why, oh why, did they cancel Brew Masters?

11/366 Our furnace stopped working early this morning. So Sam is napping downstairs by the space heater.

12/366 Long overdue for new lenses.

13/366 Homemade spaetzle and schnitzel. Nick’s specialties.

14/366 Sheets are clean. Pillows are fluffed. Can I just crawl in now?

3 thoughts on “Photo a Day – Week 2

  1. I’ve been reading your blog for a couple months now and I think you both and your family are amazing! I’m only 24 and I can only hope that (my boyfriend proposes soon) and in a couple years I’m as lucky in life as you are. I like sheets! I’ve been trying to find a masculine/feminibe bedspread and pillows as we just started living together. Thanks!

    P.S. Sam is one of the cutest kids I have ever seen.

    Ola from Canada

    1. You are SO sweet, Ola! Thanks for reading and commenting.

      It was also challenging for me to find a quilt and pillows that suited both my tastes and Nick’s tastes. We ended up choosing a neutral duvet cover from Pottery Barn and found the multi-color pillow at a local outlet mall. I’m looking forward to buying our first home (hopefully later this year!) and continuing this color scheme throughout the rest of our bedroom.

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