Frohe Sankt Nikolaustag

Happy St. Nikolaus Day to those who celebrate! And if you don’t, well, you should consider joining in on the fun next year. Just place your empty shoes outside of your door on December 5th and, if you were a good boy or girl, St. Nikolaus will fill them with treats!

Last year we got German goodies, and this year we got a subscription to Food and Wine and a Steinbach ornament for our tree.

The little baker is right at home with the chef and the Bavarian.

Thank you, Mom and Dad Wiley … err … St. Nikolaus!

3 thoughts on “Frohe Sankt Nikolaustag

  1. Frohen Nikolausi! (These were the words Carsten uttered yesterday morning.) We miss you. I love that Nick’s parents stick to Nikolaus and its traditions. Even though I couldn’t find the time to clean my boots this year, my personal Nikolaus had something in store. xoxo

  2. I love this tradition! I had a roommate in college who’s parents always sent her a little something on St. Nikolaus day (candies, an ornament, that sort of thing) and it was a sweet little tradition! Maybe I’ll fully institute when we have children!

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