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Nick is in Charlotte this weekend hanging out with the guys, watching basketball, drinking microbrews. It’s his final weekend before rejoining the working world, and so it seemed only fit that he get away before he’s held in place by things like job responsibilities.

Of course I miss him (and I thoroughly enjoyed finding the love notes he left throughout the apartment — inside the refrigerator and the vanity and under the bed pillow), but I don’t mind the quiet.

Last night I completed my first manageable run since I got back on the treadmill. Afterwards I took a hot shower complete with Dove calming night body wash. I slipped into my sweats and ate dinner in front of the TV. I also worked on a top secret Valentine’s Day gift.

Tonight I plan to do more of the same, minus the run, plus a glass of wine. Tomorrow morning I’ll venture into the cold sporting my new Under Armour running tights and Nike Fit gloves for my first attempt at five miles since last summer. (154 days and counting until the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon in Seattle.) My reward for the long run is a night out in Baltimore with my best lady, a belated birthday celebration, and chocolate mint brownies.

What do you do when you have a weekend alone?

7 thoughts on “Home Alone

  1. Ooh let me know how you like those running tights! I just have 1 pair of running pants so far..

    For my weekend alone, I’m taking full advantage of my complete series of Friends on DVD and enjoying the company of Ben, Jerry, & my dog 🙂 Also on the agenda: baking with a friend tomorrow and getting some schoolwork done too.

    Enjoy your time!

  2. I sleep in the middle of the bed! And I make all the food I want to eat! And I stay up late watching trashy reality television! And I sleep in! (its kind of like the parents being away, minus a party).

  3. Whenever Peter leaves, I end up rearranging furniture, painting things, moving art…I have no idea why I wait until he’s gone to do these things — it would be a lot easier when he’s home to help!

  4. Hi there! I’m also a Central PA Bride – graduated from Spring Grove, actually! I came across your blog awhile ago and kept recognizing places from home – in fact, we considered having our ceremony and reception at Lauxmont but in the end chose to move the location to the poconos where my family has a cabin. Instead, a good friend of mine is getting married at Lauxmont the same day as I am – June 12th! I am absolutely in love with your bouquets and have a few questions regarding them. How many stems are in your bouquet, and is it just Gerbers? I suppose the same question goes with the bridesmaids. My florist is trying to charge me $4/stem for Gerbers and when I look at wholesale flower sites I am finding them significantly cheaper! If you wouldn’t mind offering any insight into your bouquets – that would be wonderful!

    1. Sarah, one of my best friends (also a bridesmaid in our wedding) arranged our all of our flowers. Aren’t they gorgeous?! I can most definitely put you in touch with her; she’s done a handful of weddings since ours. Email me at emily.jean.wiley at gmail dot com. And congrats on your upcoming nuptials!

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