Letter to Nora: Six Months

Dear Nora, Happy half birthday, little lady! Plus one week because Momma has had no time to sit down and write your letter. Life is certainly busy these days. But, oh, so wonderful. You are such an active and attentive little peanut! You are always on the move, and it’s become impossible to keep things out of your reach. You... Read more

Sweet Summertime

Well, it appears as though I took an unintentional month-long break from the blog — the longest time I’ve spent away from this space since I starting writing here in 2007. And I have missed it! Time to play catch up (mostly for my own memory keeping sake). We spend our summer days at local parks and playgrounds. We pack... Read more

Letter to Nora: Five Months

Little Miss Nora, You are five months old! Yes, the months are passing far more quickly than I would like, but we honestly couldn’t pack any more fun into our days. You are such a sweet, happy baby girl. Strangers are constantly commenting on your contagious smile and big blue eyes. You have become much more interactive and playful this... Read more

Lauren’s Playground

It has been nearly 18 months since our sweet cousin, Lauren, lost her life in the tragedy at Sandy Hook. And a few weeks ago, we had the opportunity to join an amazing team of volunteers to construct a playground in celebration of Lauren’s love for children and her passion for teaching. The Sandy Ground Project was created by a... Read more

Limited Edition Art from Minted

We recently celebrated our two-year anniversary in our home. And we have done so much in that short time. We laid hardwood floors in the dining room and office, installed granite countertops and a backsplash in the kitchen, painted walls and hung crown molding. OK, my dad did most of the work, but we gave good direction! And Sam is... Read more

Wedding Season

‘Tis the year of weddings. Two down and four to go! In April, we attended the wedding of Nick’s colleague and friend. It was also our first night out since Nora was born! The ceremony was held at Robert Morris University, where the couple met, and the stained glass of the chapel was just incredible as the sun set and... Read more

Spring Things

Spring has arrived! And we are so thankful. Especially since a certain toddler no longer naps. We visit a new park or playground every week. We have picnics and eat ice cream on the front porch. We play with friends and participate in community activities. We fly kites, kick the soccer ball, and play baseball. We pull weeds, dig in... Read more

What Sam Says: Volume 1

I have an ongoing notes file on my iPhone where I record all of the silly and surprising things that Sam says. The things that make me laugh and the things that leave me wondering, when did he turn into this little person with questions and opinions and an awesome sense of humor. To his baby sister: “I yuv Baby... Read more

Letter to Nora: Four Months

Dear Baby Girl, You are four months old and still as sweet as can be. You are my little princess, my pumpkin, my sweet pea, and you light up our days with your big blue eyes and your beautiful smile. You’ve learned lots of new tricks this month. You can now roll over from back to belly and belly to... Read more

Easter Weekend

Sam had not seen his cousins since our trip to Destin last July, and they had not yet met Baby Nora. And so we were thrilled to host them for the long Easter weekend! Megan and Kirsten and the boys, plus their two dogs, arrived late Thursday night. Surprisingly, I managed to get Sam to sleep before their arrival. But... Read more