Easter Weekend

Sam had not seen his cousins since our trip to Destin last July, and they had not yet met Baby Nora. And so we were thrilled to host them for the long Easter weekend! Megan and Kirsten and the boys, plus their two dogs, arrived late Thursday night. Surprisingly, I managed to get Sam to sleep before their arrival. But... Read more

Letter to Nora: Three Months

Dear Nora, We have reached the magical three-month mark! Though you have always been a pleasant baby, you are now so much more attentive and interactive. Your eyes light up when they make contact with ours, you are constantly smiling and cooing, and you would much rather be sitting or standing in our laps versus laying down and missing all... Read more

Transitioning to Two

A few weeks ago I found myself at a playdate with five other moms. Three of the moms are nearing the third trimester with their second babies, and the other two moms will likely be pregnant this year. That made me the only one to embrace the title: mother of two. My mom friends had so many questions. Was your... Read more

Roasted Cauliflower + Roasted Brussels Sprouts

Nora is almost three months old (how is that even possible?!). And although we have greatly appreciated our freezer stocked full of soups, casseroles, and quick breads, we are ready to get back to whole foods. For us, this still means easy because, let’s face it, it’s pretty difficult to get dinner on the table with a toddler and an... Read more

Letter to Samuel: 2.5

Every day is a celebration in our house. There are costumes with homemade capes and winter gloves; neon necklaces and bracelets made of pipe cleaners and Cheerios; rolls of wrapping paper used as magic wands; glow sticks and balloons. But I decided to make this day even more special. Because today is your half birthday, buddy! We baked a cake... Read more

Welome to Nora’s Nursery

The inspiration for Nora’s nursery began with a piece of fabric I found at Jo-Ann. I was immediately drawn to the colors (purples, blues, and greens) and knew it would be perfect for our baby — just the right amount of girly and something that could grow with her. So as soon as it went on sale, I purchased enough... Read more

Letter to Nora: Two Months

Little Lady, You are two months old today! And you should probably get used to your momma asking time to please slow down because I will say it every single month. You are still the sweetest, most content baby girl, and I am grateful every day that I get to stare into those big blue eyes and that I get... Read more

Letter to Samuel: 29 Months

This face just looks like trouble. Rosy red cheeks from racing around the house. Chocolate on your mouth from the piece of candy you stole out of the snack cupboard. And one of three “super” shirts that you insist on wearing every day. Then there’s that silly grin and those bright blue eyes. And it’s impossible to be upset with... Read more

All is Calm

There is nothing sweeter than a sleeping baby. And there is nothing a momma savors more than a quiet house full of sleeping babies. Yes, there are days when I count down the minutes until Sam’s afternoon nap. And I am clinging to it as long as it lasts because it is honestly the only time of day that he... Read more

Welcome Nora + Enter to Win $150 Credit to Minted

Now that these announcements have arrived in the mailboxes of our family and friends, I can finally share with you my very favorite photo from Nora’s newborn shoot. And the photo is even more beautiful with the hand-pressed silver foil lettering from Minted. Minted offered us a credit towards the purchase of Nora’s birth announcements, and I could not be... Read more