Weekend in Photos

We’ve had visitors for the past ten days. My parents and sister, followed by my aunt and cousin, then Nick’s sister, aunt, uncle, and grandmother. Whew. That’s a lot of sheets and towels and dinner plates and wine glasses. As much fun as it was to entertain our families, it sure is nice to have a quiet house tonight.

I made two batches of vanilla bean ice cream. Still my favorite. Sam’s, too.

I made a peach pie. And it was quite possibly the best thing I’ve ever baked.

We pulled weeds and pruned the forest that is our front yard.

And I applied the first coat of paint to our dining room. It’s dramatic, and we love it!

We served colorful appetizers, thanks to help from DeLallo.

We got dressed up for photos. (And Nick and I met up with friends for the last leg of a local bar crawl.)

We played at the park.

And I still can’t believe how big our little boy looked in his dinosaur outfit.

Looking forward to a relaxing week ahead — just the three of us.

2 thoughts on “Weekend in Photos

  1. So jealous of your pretty green grass! Our grass is so sad here! We have had no rain in Texas for awhile and it literally is brown grass that crunches under your feet!! How sad!!! Lovely pics!

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