Clearwater, FL: Part 1

We set our alarm for 3am on Thursday to pack the car, drive to the airport, and board a plane bound for Florida. (Please remind me to never again book a 6am flight.)

We failed to move Sam from his crib to the car without him waking, and he slept for less than an hour on the plane. He was just too excited for our getaway weekend and his first wedding!

And the bag of books and toys that I packed? Not necessary. Sam kept himself occupied with a plastic cup and the SkyMall magazine. I should have known.

Two hours later, we arrived in Tampa and were greeted by a very excited Oma and Opa. It had been just over two months since they last saw Sammy, which is more like two years in baby time. We hopped in their car (already packed with a car seat, pack ‘n’ play, and stroller, thanks to Nick’s brother and sister-in-law!) and drove to Liki Tiki Village, just outside of Orlando, for much needed naps before pool time.

Sam loved the kiddie pool — it was just the right depth for him to chill on the steps and watch the other kiddos kick and splash.

The next morning we headed west to Clearwater to meet up with the gang and kick off pre-wedding festivities! After a long and leisurely lunch at The Brown Boxer, it was time to take Sammy to the beach.

We barely got his feet into the warm, salty water before he was whimpering and clinging.

We only stayed out for about 30 minutes, which was fine by us considering it was 100 degrees with 100 percent humidity. Hello, Florida and frizzy hair!

Then we checked into our hotel and Nick hurriedly showered and changed for the wedding rehearsal (details of the beautiful event coming in Part 2).

We got in about one more hour of pool/beach time on Saturday before the wedding.

It was a quick trip, but we look forward to returning to the Gulf (hopefully next summer!).


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