Thursday Things

1. Last week we bought a new push toy for Sam, and it only took about three days for him to figure out how to use it. Check him out cruising around the house! And wiggling his little baby butt. The boy loves to dance.

2. Speaking of dancing, we had a family dance party in our kitchen on Monday night. Nick and I have been working long hours every evening after Sam goes to bed, and we both really needed to let loose and have some fun. Sam thinks his parents are hysterical, by the way. And our new favorite song? Call Me Maybe.

3. Yes, we’re working at our computers every night, but we’re also working in the yard. We have an insane amount of weeds to pull, and I’ll be the first to admit that I know almost nothing about gardening. I can barely distinguish a weed from a flower, and I could really use some help. Any green thumbs out there? What should we plant?

4. Another question. We’re off to Florida next month for a wedding, and I need to buy an outfit for Sam. I’m thinking khaki pants and a white oxford shirt with a bow tie. Thoughts?

5. How about another Sammy video? He does this funny monkey walk across the kitchen floor. I suppose I would, too, to keep my knees from touching the tile.

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