Letter to Samuel: 8 Months

Dear Sam,

It’s unlikely that you’ll remember the details from your eighth month, but it was a big one for our family. We bought a house! As we removed the books and toys from the shelves in your old room, packed your picture frames, and took down your birds mobile, we promised that everything would be waiting for you in our new home. But our promises didn’t prevent the sleepless nights that followed.

At first we thought you were teething, but I now believe your inability to settle was due to the stress associated with moving. Mommy and Daddy felt it, too. And we found that the only way to calm your middle-of-the-night cries was to tuck you into bed between us. You rolled towards Daddy to grab his nose and then towards Mommy to touch my hair before you finally drifted into dreamland.

It was a challenging few days, but it was worth it when we sat you down in our new spacious home and saw your eyes light up with excitement. So much to explore! Room to crawl! Trouble to get into!

Yes, Sammy, you conveniently waited until day 2 in our new home to become fully mobile. You started with a squirm — using your arms to drag your belly across the floor. Soon you figured out how to tuck your knees under your booty and push up onto all fours. Then you learned to synchronize your arm and leg movements to get from point A to point B. And now there’s no stopping you! You become more confident each day and have already added climbing and pulling up to your repertoire. You also decided that sitting is overrated and much prefer to position yourself in downward dog while playing. I’m just waiting for the day when you stand up and run across the room.

Because you’ve become so active, this month’s photo shoot was the most challenging yet. We may have to retire the stickers because you ripped it off your onesie in about 2.4 seconds! It may be exhausting to keep up with you these days, but it’s also so much fun to watch you explore the world. You examine your toys with such curiosity. And you have begun to imitate our actions. From banging plastic cups together to striking a Tupperware bowl with a wooden spoon to pushing your train across the room. You have also come up with some tricks of your own. Like biting onto the rim of a cup then removing your hands and looking to us for approval. When we clap and say “Yay Sammy!” you smile and the cup falls to the floor.

Speaking of smiling, there is almost always a wide grin spread across your face, revealing those two super sweet bottom teeth. You laugh out loud when I tickle your toes or Daddy kisses your bare belly. And you have learned to respond to our emotions. When we act excited and throw our arms in the air, you do the same. When we dance around the room, you sway your body and bop your head. Yeah, you’ve pretty much turned your parents into crazy people. We’ll do anything to make you happy.

Your serious face is awfully cute, too, though. Your eyes are still the brightest blue, and there is a slightly reddish tint to your hair. Gosh, I just want to gobble up those chubby cheeks.

Your current favorite activities include pulling tape from boxes and shredding newspaper and packing paper. Of course, you’re most interested in things you can’t have like coffee mugs and our laptop and electric outlets. (Needless to say, baby proofing is in full effect!) You are very persistent and squeal and flail your arms if we take something away from you. Seems like we are always saying No, Gentle, Be careful, and Give that to me.

But I wouldn’t want it any other way. You are seeking independence and learning boundaries. And, really, you are still such a sweetheart. You hold my hand while I nurse you and hold Daddy’s hand while he walks with you in the Bjorn. And you reach for us to pick you up. You rest your head on my shoulder and wrap your arms around my neck when you’re sleepy. Bedtime is your favorite time to snuggle. Can you please do that forever?

Aside from the week or so of midnight (and 2am and 4am and 6am) wake up calls, you are still sleeping from about 7:30pm until 7:30am. You have mostly dropped your third nap, and sleep for about 90 minutes in the morning and another 90 minutes in the afternoon. Except for two days when you learned how to sit up. About 20 minutes into nap time you would scream, and I would go upstairs to find you sitting up in your crib, not sure how to lay back down. You eventually figured it out, though.

You’ve also figured out how to eat everything that we put in front of you — from cubes of squishy bread to shreds of meat to slippery oranges to tiny peas. You haven’t refused anything yet and clean your tray at every meal. You’re drinking water from the sippy cup and soon we will introduce silverware. You still nurse at least four times per day, and we’re working on the sign for “milk.”

We think it will be so cool when you can communicate with us. Right now you tend to fixate on one sound like grrrr or baaaa and repeat it over and over and over. Your current favorite is dadadadada, which Daddy absolutely loves. Still no mamamama, though. Come on, buddy! I’m waiting.

Sammy, you bring more joy into our lives with each passing month. So many adventures await us!

Love your absolutely smitten mother.

6 thoughts on “Letter to Samuel: 8 Months

  1. Beautiful pictures! (And a beautiful baby, of course.) What is it about electric outlets and cords that are so appealing to babies?? At 10 months, I am still waiting to hear the first “ma ma” as well. Sigh….

  2. Oh Sam, you are such a cute, happy boy! Love that picture of him ripping the sticker off his onesie. We have the same experience as of late. I may have to borrow your idea of putting the sticker on her back. Good thinking!

    And what is it with babies saying “dadada” long before they ever utter a “mamama”? Silly munchkins.

    Enjoy your sweet boy eight month old boy!

  3. Scarlett says “dadada” too! 🙁 I just think it’s easier for them to say, that’s what i’m going with anyway! His teeth came in so quickly! I love all his little expressions! Retiring the stickers…too funny! I got really frustrated with Scarlett on her 7 month photo (we do the shots where she’s laying down with the blocks above her head that spell out “7 months”) she kept rolling over and trying to get the grass or she sees the blocks and wants them. Guess I didn’t really think that one out..hahaha.

  4. Lucas has been doing the middle of the night cries too. About every 3 hours…for a month now. I also thought it was teething, then allergies, and now I’m thinking it’s separation anxiety at night. I can’t get our little guy back on track. : ( Lucas started saying dadada first but went through a stage shortly after where he didn’t say hardly anything except mamama. LOVED IT! Love reading each month because our little ones are basically doing the same things! Plus, they both have adorable checks!

  5. He is so stinkin’ adorable! I love this stage (and every stage) – the sounds, their way that they start looking at you, trying to understand. The sitting up! So sweet!

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