Week 39


Best Moment: Coming home to an absolutely spotless house on Tuesday. We hired professional cleaners (Sunshine Cleaning for the local folks), and it was one of our best decisions in recent memory. Of course, now we’re tiptoeing around trying not to disturb things before Peanut’s arrival!

Symptoms: Occasional cramping and minimal discomfort. But, honestly, I feel better this week than last. It definitely helps that I’m not commuting 1 1/2 hours and sitting at my desk from 9-5 every day. Yes, I miss my WPSU family, but I’m thankful to be home where I can move my work from the desk to the couch to the kitchen table to the glider in the nursery. Also, I take a minimum of three walks every day — both to ease minor aches and pains and in an attempt to bring on labor! Unfortunately, no real signs yet that this baby is ready to make an appearance.

Cravings: Lemon drop cupcakes that my friend swears will help to induce labor. But I decided to wait until we pass the 40-week mark to bake them.

What I Miss: Painting my toenails and tying my shoes. Fortunately, I have a sweet husband who now does both for me.

What I Can’t Wait For: Peanut! Obviously. I have five friends due this month, and four of them have already brought home their sweet bundles of joy.

Milestones: Peanut is likely over 7 lbs by now — roughly the size of the pumpkin that is sitting on our front porch. He/she is physically ready to enter the world, but perhaps my belly is too cozy to leave just yet? Although, our doctor did say that if baby doesn’t come next week, then she’ll schedule an induction for either the 26th or the 27th. I asked Nick if he minded sharing his birthday (which is the 26th), and he said absolutely not!


Best Moment: Emily had me practice changing diapers on a stuffed frog — I guess if Kermit comes out, I will be prepared.

Cravings: Spicy food.

Milestones: The due date has come and gone. I suppose this is a lesson in patience. Whenever Peanut decides to come, our home is ready and so are we.

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