What’s in a Name?

Not knowing Peanut’s gender has presented some challenges. Did you know that most crib bedding, car seats, and even diaper pails have either masculine or feminine undertones? Not to mention onesies, washcloths, and socks. But perhaps the biggest challenge of all was that we had to choose not one, but two, baby names.

It’s a big responsibility to name a child. You have to consider potential nicknames and alliterations and choose a name that is suitable for both a chubby baby and a mature adult. And then there are the family histories to take into account. Yes, it’s a tough job.

Fortunately, Nick and I had our boy’s name chosen months before we started baking our wee bun. Want to hear it?

Distinguished, don’t you think? Yet sweet. Our little Sammy. And Woodford carries a lot of meaning with it (besides being the official bourbon of the Kentucky Derby). My brother’s middle name is Woodford, and he was named after my Grampy, who was named after his father. Generations ago, though, Woodford was a family surname with Welsh origins. Also, my Grampy was known by everyone as Woody. He passed away before I was born, but my parents often say how much I would have adored him. It’s only fitting that our first son carry his namesake.

And what about our girl’s name? Well, we put a lot of pressure on ourselves to come up with a name we loved just as much. And after much deliberation we arrived at …

Runners up for the first name included Ava, Isabella, and Clara. But, to us, Nora is classic and timeless. And Kathryn comes from both my great-grandmother and Nick’s great-great-grandmother.

So there you have it. In just a few days, we will have a little Sam or Nora in our lives!

19 thoughts on “What’s in a Name?

  1. LOVE THEM!! This is kinda funny b/c Lance has always said if we have a boy he wants to name him Samuel after his great grandfather…and I recently have fallen in love with the name Nora. So very good choices indeed 😉

    Oh and I’m totally with you on the not finding out ahead of time thing…that is something that I def plan to do when the time comes!! I seriously can’t wait to see what you guys have…it has been so fun following along with your pregnancy!

  2. i really like your names! their just the right balance of formality, uniqueness and nickname potential. we had such a hard time picking out names. especially since Husband can make a joke out of ANYTHING. its so exciting peanut is almost here!

  3. oh, exciting. Those are such great choices. Distinguished, but still cute. Nora’s actually on our list of future girls’ names — it’s a family name.

  4. Whew I feel better now, was concerned you would use some of the suggestions from the WPSU Pick a Name Telethon. With that Wiley last name it sure could have created some problems. Imagine:

    Wade Andrew Wiley as Wade A Wiley (say it fast a few times)
    Edward Coyote Wiley listed on school records as Wiley, E. Coyote
    Samantha Miley Wiley as SMiley Wiley
    Ingrid Nicole Ann Wiley shortened to INA Wiley
    Irene Marie Ann Wiley shortened to IMA Wiley

    Make sure you register the name as a URL quickly after birth :0)

  5. Love them both – how exciting! This might be weird, but did you think about what the monograms would look like, at all? (I know I’ve been tossing around a few options for our future “someday” tots, but a few were stopped after my dear one pointed out what monograms they’d create: like EEH and ECH, or BAH). Sidenote: SWW and NKW both are great!

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