Maternity Photo Shoot #2

Allow me to introduce you to the photography of Laura Clippinger from Daydreamer Portraits. We hired her to do Peanut’s newborn session and figured we’d throw in a maternity session, too.

Between her and our friend, Phil, we have some great shots to remember this moment in time.

And as excited as I am for Peanut to arrive, I think I’ll miss the bump.

I suspect Nick will miss it, too.

That doesn’t mean we’re not ready to meet you, though, Peanut. C’mon, baby!

{All photos credit to Laura Clippinger, Daydreamer Portraits)

Thanks, Laura, for capturing such sweet photos of us. Looking forward to seeing you again soon!

9 thoughts on “Maternity Photo Shoot #2

  1. So beautiful. I wish my family had done something like this. You feel like you will never forget these fleeting moments, and maybe most never do, but time steals many things and even memories are not always safe.

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