Maternity Photo Shoot #1

It’s nice to have a photographer for a friend. Because when he buys a new camera — say a medium format camera — he may ask if he can take some photos of you for his portfolio.

We were more than happy to pose for our friend, Phillip Mackenzie, and are thrilled with the shots he got!

We spent the evening at Canoe Creek State Park, and the setting sun provided just the right amount of light.

And while I was hesitant to bare my belly, I’m glad that I did.

Thanks, Phil! We’re willing to hang out with you and your camera anytime.

{All photos credit to Phillip Mackenzie}

P.S. You may notice this post is titled Maternity Photo Shoot #1. Yes, we had two shoots. The second was with Laura Clippinger of Daydreamer Portraits, who we hired to do Peanut’s newborn photos. She is also building her maternity portfolio, and we’re looking forward to reviewing our proofs with her on Saturday!

18 thoughts on “Maternity Photo Shoot #1

  1. Wow, Emily, you look amazing, and he got some great shots. Love, love, love the one in the long dress holding the bouquet.

    I’ve always wondered: What do you do with maternity shots after a few years? Is it something you’d ever display in your home, or is it an album to someday share with the child? Just curious.

  2. You will NEVER regret those belly shots. never. What a blessing to be brave enough to record those moments. Your face says what your mind, in time, will forget and you will be grateful for the photos as reminders.

    …and baby Peanut will enjoy seeing how joyful you both were waiting for the arrival.

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