Where Young Chefs Train

I don’t mind working long hours when it means I get to hang out in the kitchen of a culinary school.

And sample pumpkin puree with chipotle brown butter.

And visit the pastry lab.

Where students bake kugelhopf and brioche and pretzel baguettes.

Yes, I’m getting more comfortable with a microphone in my hand.

{credit PCToday}

And I’m really starting to enjoy the meticulous work required to transform 3+ hours of recorded sound into a 5-minute story for radio.

Check out my latest piece for WPSU’s Local Food Journey, which aired on NPR in central Pennsylvania last Thursday.

9 thoughts on “Where Young Chefs Train

  1. My brother just graduated from here and yesterday got a job in Rochester!!! what a wonderful school.

    Great blog entry and beautiful pics!

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