Scenes from a Saturday

What did we do with our only free Saturday in July?

We went to the gym and ran errands and spent the remainder of the day in the kitchen.

We turned chickpeas, roasted red peppers, and sun-dried tomatoes into hummus and slathered it onto warm whole wheat pita bread.

We broke in our new Cuisinart with carrots, radishes, and squash. We tossed the shredded veggies with lemon vinaigrette and topped it with sliced avocado for a simple, light salad.

We baked a dangerously delicious cobbler with blueberries and peaches from the farmers market.

And then we moved our glasses of wine from the kitchen to the dining room for a game of Scrabble. Nick won. Rematch tonight, perhaps?

How did you spend your Saturday?

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