Isn’t it just lovely when your path crosses with a stranger and you form an unexpected friendship? This is the story of how I “met” Anne.

I started blogging months ago for EAD, a wedding inspiration website. Brides from across the country come to share flower photos and dress details and creative project ideas and all things wedding. Little did I know, the blog also attracts visitors from across the ocean.

Before I tell you about Anne, let me remind you that Nick was born in Germany. Bad Tölz, to be exact. He lived there for the first year of his life while his father served in the military, and they later returned to Stuttgart during Nick’s elementary years. So my soon-to-be husband has a strong affinity for German culture — from schnitzel and lager to architecture and the opera. Oh, and lederhosen.

{This photo will likely end up framed and displayed in our future home!}

Our Wedding Day will include a few German influences, as well: bratwurst and weisswurst and matching wedding bands. (I also explored the option of drinking from a Nuernberg Bridal Cup, but admittedly felt nervous about spilling lager down the front of my dress.)

Enter Anne. She is in her mid-twenties and from Germany and spent a year here in the United States during high school. When her American friend started to plan her wedding, Anne was introduced to the great wide world of wedding blogs. EAD is one that she continued to follow, and she left comments on all of my posts related to German traditions. She also found her way here and officially introduced herself after I asked to hear from readers.

We’ve been corresponding via email for months, and last week I found a little package at my doorstep — all the way from Germany! Anne made me promise to wait until I was with Nick to open it, and so I did.

Here’s what we found inside:

In English, it means “Hearty Welcome.” And the sign even has tree branches and birds! (She pays attention.)

Anne also included a passport book printed with a map of Germany and Austria. It’s already packed with our passports and sitting on my dresser at my parents’ house — ready to go with us to Mexico!. We’ll also most definitely use it next fall when we visit Germany. Nick’s oldest brother is currently stationed in Stuttgart, plus it’s the 200th anniversary of Oktoberfest!

Speaking of that upcoming trip, I think it would be just wonderful to meet Anne in person. We both enjoy dancing, traveling, running, and drinking beer. We’ve already shared family histories and career goals, and I know we would just have a fantastic time together — whether wondering the streets of Stuttgart or drinking local brews in a Bavarian Bier Garden.

Thank you, Anne! I’m so glad our paths crossed.

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  1. Oh Emily, you just made my heart jump and put some (happy) tears in my eyes when I read your post… I just found some time to breath at the World Championships and your sweet words are a great motivation for the last days. Thank you so so so much! As I already wrote you – but cannot say often enough – I am also very happy that we “met” and cannot wait to meet you in person. For now, my thoughts and heart are with you in the last days before you and Nick get married. Sending a big hug across the ocean and thank you again. Your Freundin, Anne

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