Happiest Valley

There’s nothing quite like fall in central Pennsylvania. The colors are vibrant, and the air is cool. And then there’s FOOTBALL!

Since we graduated, my best friends have gathered in Happy Valley for at least one game each fall. Whether we actually have tickets to go into Beaver Stadium is not important. It’s more about Mad Mex margaritas and Cafe teas and tailgates.

This year was no different. Except that it might be the last one with free accommodations! And we took full advantage of the occasion. Eight of my favorite people packed my apartment with their bags and air mattresses and smiling faces. We threw a hallway party and hosted a tailgate. And the weekend was not nearly long enough.

It’s hard to imagine having to stay in a hotel during our next Happy Valley reunion! Perhaps we can all chip in and share my (cheap) rent after I (most likely) move to New Jersey.

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