Gift Guide for 2-Year-Old Girls

Nora loves everything that Sam loves, and I fully expect her to play with many of his new toys. But that doesn’t mean she shouldn’t get a few gifts of her own. First up, some things that she already has and plays with often. Then, a few things that she will find on Christmas morning. (1) Melissa and Doug Kitchen:... Read more

Gift Guide for 4-Year-Old Boys

‘Tis the season for holiday gift guides! First up, a few things that Sam has and loves. Then a few things that he will likely find under the Christmas tree this year. (1) Dinosaurs: These jumbo dinosaurs from Learning Resources have been a favorite for almost two years. They are durable enough for battling and still nice enough to display... Read more

Letter to Samuel: Four Years

Dear Sam, Always moving. Always asking questions. Always telling stories. Always making us laugh. You seek adventure and challenges and, sometimes, trouble. You are confident, but not aggressive. You are polite (with the exception of the very dreaded and very typical preschool potty talk). You are impressionable (hence the preschool potty talk). You are stubborn and opinionated, but sensitive and... Read more

A Day in the Life | Fall 2015

“Normal day, let me be aware of the treasure you are. Let me learn from you, love you, bless you before you depart. Let me not pass you by in quest of some rare and perfect tomorrow. Let me hold you while i may, for it may not always be so.” ? Mary Jean Irion I saved this quote weeks... Read more

Sandbridge in September

I am officially convinced that September is the best month for a beach vacation. The water is still warm from the summer’s heat, but the air has a slight crispness to it, which makes for perfect beach lounging conditions. And the crowds have dissipated, which means open sand space for kite flying, Frisbee throwing, and castle building. We traveled to... Read more

From the Hudson to the Potomac

Two boats, two weekends in a row! Sam was in little boy heaven. First, Laura and Stephen joined us for a ferry ride from Liberty State Park to Ellis Island and Liberty Island. I still can’t believe that we live just 30 minutes from this view! We packed a picnic lunch and hit up the playground after. I don’t think... Read more

Farewell to Summer

Summer’s last hurrah will be celebrated next week in Virginia Beach. But before we leave for a few final days of sun and salt water, let’s catch up on our (very eventful) summer. 33rd Birthday Nick surprised me with an early birthday dinner at The Accomac Inn. And it definitely ranked in my top ten favorite meals. The highlight was... Read more

California Quinoa Salad

Has is really been almost a year (?!?!) since I last shared a recipe? That doesn’t mean I haven’t been cooking. It just means that it’s hard enough to get dinner on the table with one kid demanding the iPad and another kid hanging on my legs, let alone break out my big camera to snap photos and take notes... Read more

Family First

There was no place I would have rather spent our “homeless” summer than in my childhood home. One month later, and I know that my parents still miss the chaos that Sam and Nora and Lucy brought into the house. My dad’s mornings are definitely more quiet without kids requesting scrambled eggs and pancakes and stealing sections from the newspaper.... Read more

Letter to Nora: August 2015

Dear Sweet Girl, I’m sorry that life has been too busy to allow time to write regular letters to you. But I’m not sorry that we have been filling our days with outdoor adventures, art projects, and road trips. We have visited farms, museums, parks, and playgrounds. Created mini masterpieces with stickers, markers, glue, and glitter. Traveled to Virginia, Maryland,... Read more