Gift Guide for 2-Year-Old Girls

Nora loves everything that Sam loves, and I fully expect her to play with many of his new toys. But that doesn’t mean she shouldn’t get a few gifts of her own. First up, some things that she already has and plays with often. Then, a few things that she will find on Christmas morning.


(1) Melissa and Doug Kitchen: This kitchen has been a staple in our living room since Sam was two. Both kids still play with it almost daily, and I love that we can continue to add accessories to it for years to come.

(2) Green Toys Dish Set: Speaking of kitchen accessories, Nora loves this tea set. Sometimes, we even eat real snacks off the plates and sip real water from the cups. So fancy.

(3) Gossie and Friends Board Book Set: Nora loves, loves, loves to read. And this set has been her favorite for a few months. She has memorized every character and sleeps with the books in her bed every night.

(4) Melissa and Doug Puzzles: These are the best puzzles for toddlers, in our opinion — chunky and durable.

(5) Disney Princess Klip Klop Castle: Last year was the year for Disney princess castles and accessories, and Nora still especially loves this one. Sometimes Sam’s superheroes invade the castle, too, which means it gets play from both kids.

(6) LEGO DULPO blocks: Nora has been playing with tiny LEGOs for months, but the DUPLO blocks are preferable for her little hands. She loves to stack the square blocks into tall towers.


(1) Baby Doll and Cradle: Nora is in a baby doll phase right now. She has several plush dolls already, but this one has eyes that open and close, which I know she will love. She’s also getting the high chair for her birthday.

(2) Crayola Pip-Squeaks Markers: We never seem to have enough supplies for our little artists, and we especially love the pip-squeaks line.

(3) Pete the Cat: This is currently Nora’s favorite library book. We read it multiple times per day, and she can recite the entire story. I think it’s time to get the girl her own copy.

(4) Princess Dress-Up Set: Nora has a few hand-me-down princess dresses, which she loves. Almost as much as Sam’s superhero capes.

(5) Daniel Tiger Trolley: Nora is obsessed with Daniel Tiger, and I think she is going to flip when she has her very own trolley. She’s also getting the full set of characters.

(6) Minnie Mouse Princess Bowtique: Finally, she loves Minnie almost as much as Daniel. And this line gets consistently great reviews.

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