Letter to Evelyn: Five Months

Dear Evelyn,

You are five months old and sweet as can be. You have so much expression in those big blue eyes, and your gummy smile lights up your entire face. We are all just so in love with you!


I believe you are going to be a storyteller like your big sister. You are constantly cooing and gurgling and blowing bubbles. You giggle when I kiss the soft spot just below your ears. You squeal with delight when I fly you around the house like an airplane. You grunt and grab my shirt if I try to stop feeding you too soon. And you immediately scream if I leave your sight. You have certainly learned to make your voice heard in this loud house of ours.

You reach for toys, shake rattles, hit and kick the big buttons on your music box, stick the tags of stuffed animals into your mouth, and try to eat my phone when we’re FaceTiming.


Girl, you are on the move! I lay you on a blanket, and less than one minute later, you are stuck under the jumperoo, or you are trying to roll inside Nora’s dollhouse, or you are on your way into the dining room to grab the Matchbox cars that are scattered under the table. Yes, the time has come to baby proof the house. I think I’m just going to put a gate at Sam’s bedroom door because it is impossible to keep all of those tiny LEGO pieces off of his floor.

You don’t like to sit still in my lap, either. You are constantly trying to arch your back and turn and climb up to my shoulder.

You flap your arms and legs, and I ask, where are you trying to fly off too, Miss Evie?

During diaper changes, I have to make silly sounds and click my tongue to keep your attention on me and not on the wall that you’re trying to roll towards.

You have outgrown the bouncy seat, though I still sometimes strap you into it while I take a quick shower. You love to sit in the high chair while we eat, and in the Bumbo while the kids play.


You now prefer the big kid stroller to the rolling car seat base. And you always look forward to our afternoon walks to pick up Sam and Nora from school. You love to people watch as much as your momma! So some days we will leave early and sit outside of the bakery, drinking coffee and chatting with strangers that can’t help but smile as they walk by you.

You would also much rather face forward in the Bjorn than face me in the Ergo. (Oh, if only that option had existed when I purchased the Ergo three years ago.) So, I put you in the Bjorn while I’m cooking dinner or picking up the house. And you try so hard to grab the wooden spoons and rubber spatulas and paper towels.

You not only look just like your brother, but you also act a lot like him at this age. We are still in the midst of a sleep regression, and I keep reminding myself that I survived with Sam, and I know that I will survive with you. We’ve eased into a 7pm bedtime, and I always lay you down awake and without a pacifier. You typically fuss for a few minutes before falling asleep. But you always, always wake up screaming about three hours later. Sometimes you settle down within 5-10 minutes, and other times, I rub your back or sing songs or, eventually, give you the binky. I nurse you when you wake up at 1am and 4am. And you are usually pretty restless at that point, and so I lay awake with you for about 20 minutes while you grunt and groan and grab my face. It’s getting better, but we could all benefit from longer stretches of sleep.

Despite my sleep deprivation, I am absolutely soaking up the snuggles with you. I love when you lay your head on my shoulder and wrap your arm around mine. I often rock you longer than I need to. And I promise it’s not only to avoid bathing the big kids.

Fortunately, you have really improved in the nap department. When we’re home (which isn’t always, thanks to the kids’ schedules and errands that need to be run), you will sleep for 2 hours in the morning and 2 hours in the afternoon. It’s really amazing what I can accomplish during that time! Especially when Sam and Nora are at school.


I still nurse you between 6-8 times per day. And I’ve been a little bit lazy with introducing solids into your diet. You’ve tried applesauce and avocado and pears in the mesh feeder. I look forward to moving right into BLW when you turn six months old.

I suspect you weigh about 14 pounds now. You wear 6-month clothing and size 2 diapers. Your thighs are growing bigger and stronger, your belly is a little bit rounder, and you have developed tiny creases at your wrists.


Lucy is your new best friend. As soon as I put you on your play mat, she lays down right beside you. You smile and reach for her and try to grab her hair. I think you’ll be climbing onto her back in no time.

Sam and Nora are still both obsessed with you. They pull up stools beside your jumperoo and fight over who can sit closest to you. Sam is incapable of climbing into his seat in the back of the car before he kisses your hands and your forehead at least five times. And Nora is immediately at your side if she hears you cry.

Daddy says he misses your smile when he’s at work. He looks forward to singing with you and bouncing you on your belly every evening.

And I can’t imagine my days without you. We love you to the moon and back, sweet girl!







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  1. Such beautiful children! Your little family is growing so fast. Love your posts, please keep them coming. Tell Nick I said hello. God bless you all.

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