Whole30 Results

It wasn’t always easy. But we did it. We eliminated entire food groups from our diet for 30 days. We gave up cream in our coffee and cheese pizza and chocolate chip cookies. But we learned to love coconut milk and cashew butter and eggs every morning for breakfast. We ate more meat and more green veggies than I believed to be possible. We may have spent more money on our weekly groceries, but our refrigerator was always stocked with fresh produce and meat from the local butcher, and we threw away almost nothing. We learned to be more creative and more resourceful in the kitchen.

Whole30 changes the way you think about food, the way you shop for food, and how you eat food. We feel healthier and happier and, yes, we both lost some weight. Six pounds for me, which brings me all the way back to my pre-Nora weight. And nine pounds for Nick, in addition to the 16 pounds he lost during his first round earlier this summer. But more importantly than the weight we lost, we feel empowered and in control of our diet.

I still crave meat and veggies and (surprisingly) eggs. Although, I have to admit, I was really looking forward to adding maple syrup to my banana pancakes on day 31. We’ve also treated ourselves to homemade Larabars with mini chocolate chips and our first pumpkin spice lattes of the season.

We don’t intend to completely eliminate treats as we move forward, but we do plan to be more conscious of our indulgences. We’re anxious to continue to fill our bodies with wholesome and delicious food.


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