Tuesday Things

I haven’t done a Tuesday Things post in quite awhile. But I can currently only think in list form, so I figured it was appropriate for today.

1. Birthday party planning is underway! There will be polka dots and cupcakes and family and friends from Alabama, North Carolina, Virginia, and Massachusetts.

2. In addition to Sam’s 1st birthday, we’ll also be celebrating Nick’s 30th. As well as “welcome to our new home.” I’m trying to keep things simple, but that’s not really my nature.

3. Speaking of simple? Three gallons of paint, two French doors, dozens of feet of trim, 1,000 nails, and over 300 square feet of hardwood floors later … we have a beautiful new dining room and office space! No, it wasn’t simple, but it was so worth it. (Thanks, Dad!)

4. Sammy misses Poppy this week. It’s the first one in about a month that he hasn’t been here to help with the aforementioned house projects.

5. Another project almost complete: our gallery wall. And we will now always and forever use this method to hang pictures. So. Much. Easier.

6. Someone finally got his two front teeth! I’ll miss the daily snuggles, but not the cries.

7. That same someone is on a broccoli strike.

8. Nick started school last week, and the three of us are still adjusting to our new routine. He’s in class two nights per week, which means it’s just me and my little guy for evening meals, walks, and baths. We miss Daddy, but we are so proud of him.

9. I said to Nick last night: “Thank you for working so hard to give our family such a nice home.” And he said to me: “Thank you so much for making our home so nice.” It’s not always easy. When I have to take Sam to the grocery store on a Monday night because Nick has to finish his homework. When he has to mow the yard before class, and I have to clean the house after Sam goes to sleep. When I try to prepare a hot meal for Nick at 4:30pm and for Sam at 5:30pm. But we’re a team, and I’m thankful to have him as my partner.

9 thoughts on “Tuesday Things

  1. Wow, your dining room turned out amazing… I am sure you’ll enjoy it a lot. Dads are simply priceless. And you two are just too cute. It is so important to be a team. It’s great to see Nick so happy about going back to school. Lots of strength for the two of you!

  2. The dining room and office look gorgeous! Love the color choices. Also, good luck and I totally hear ya on the school schedule adjustment. Even sans kids, it was really hard when my husband was in school two or three nights a week for his masters. But I was so proud and we made it through.

  3. We have lots of changes going on around here too…I am back in school!! Our life has gotten a little too busy for my taste but I know it is only for a season. Hang in there! Love the new dining room and the cute pics of Sam!!!

  4. I absolutely love the dining room! What paint color is it?

    Also – it’s so nice to hear how well you and Nick work as a team. Roger and I are both in school right now, and even without kids (or more than a small apartment!), it’s a lot to keep the house clean and both of us fed. You guys are doing a great job!

  5. Sometimes I think we are living parallel lives – DJ and I had the same conversation about our life stuff. Your house is looking beautiful, I love seeing the progress!

  6. Your dining room looks wonderful! I love every little detail. Also- I’m totally using that little trick to hang my gallery wall in our hallway this weekend! I saw it on another blog as well and a giant lightbulb went off. Why have I never done it this way before!?

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