Tuesday Things

1. Each day Sam looks less like a baby and more like a little boy. He feels a bit heavier every time I lift him out of his crib. His reach is longer and his grasp is stronger. And, if it’s even possible, his eyes are brighter and his smile is wider.

2. Speaking of little mister, he was my big helper yesterday at the grocery store. He held a banana in one hand and my shopping list in the other. And he put a smile on every face that we passed.

3. Our family of three went out to dinner on Sunday night. And guess what Sam tasted and loved. Pickles. Yes, really. He is certainly his father’s son. What’s equally surprising is that Nick offered his only pickle to Sam. And then asked the waiter for two more.

4. Despite all of the above. sometimes Sam wants nothing more than to snuggle with his Mommy. He will always be my baby boy.

8 thoughts on “Tuesday Things

  1. Robby likes pickles, too! I’m loving introducing all the foods his father hates to him. 😉 Olives, pickles, hehehehe. He is proving to be my son. Love the picture reading the magazine. So grown up!

  2. LOVE these latest photos!!! The one of him reading Atlantic magazine is hysterical — you should send it to the publisher! It’s wonderful that you’re introducing him to so many different foods and tastes — he’ll be quite the connoisseur some day! (and I’m not surprised he’s a pickle puss like his dad!) He’s quite the handsome dude with the sunglasses too. And that smile will always win hearts! Love ya, Sammy!!!!

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