The Christmas Dogs

First thank you to According to Nina, Duchess of Fork, The Tichenor Family, I Love You More Than Carrots, and Blue-Eyed Bride for hosting a fun-filled week of festive link ups! Today is the final day, and I want to share with you my very favorite December decoration.

Blue-Eyed Bride

Christmas has officially arrived when the Golden Retrievers are found galloping across my parents’ lawn!

These sweet dogs have been with us for five years now. Actually, Nick helped to construct and paint them on our very first Christmas together. Obviously, my family is a Golden-loving gang!

A very merry Christmas from my family (furry members included) to yours!

3 thoughts on “The Christmas Dogs

  1. I LOVE your parents golden retriever Christmas yard art!!!! As a golden parent myself, would love to know where you found the patttern to make them.

    Any info appreciated – my husband is Cajun and has alligators pulling Santa in a pirogue, but since we are hardcore into competition with our goldens, we need to replicate this for our yard!!!!

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