Puppy Visit

Prepare yourself for a ridiculous amount of soft, cuddly cuteness.

See those nine little puppies above? They’re just five weeks old, and we got to spend last Saturday afternoon holding them and kissing them. Their six-week old cousins were there, too, and they received an equal amount of our love and attention.

Nick and I contacted the breeder from whom my parents got all three of our Goldens. We’re not quite yet in the market for a furry family member, but we hope to be next year at this time. So we figured we’d stop by to visit the spring litters while we were in town for Memorial Day.

We want just one furry family member, not two, Nick. Though this is hard to resist!

I really don’t think there is anything cuter than a Golden Retriever puppy. Others may come in close seconds, but my heart is and always will be with Goldens.

Did I mention they’re clumsy at this age? Apparently, so is Nick.

It was awfully tempting to tuck one of these furbabies under my shirt and sneak away. (The belly bump would have looked only slightly bigger than normal, right?) But, alas, I did not. I suppose we need to adjust to a human baby first. Oh, and there’s that pesky thing called a lease that specifies “no pets.”

But we will have one to call our own … some day!

9 thoughts on “Puppy Visit

  1. Oh my goodness! Absolutely adorable. We’ve put off a puppy due to our no-pets policy lease as well, but I hope we’ll be able to get one soon!

  2. Ahhhh!! I can’t take the cuteness. Puppies are my weakness. These are TOO cute. Definitely sounds like a good idea to get your human-parenting feet wet before getting a pup. These little guys are a ton of work at first. We’re waiting until our puppy chills out before real kids 😉

  3. Major MAJOR props to you for leaving without a puppy. I would have walked away with the whole litter. Recently, I signed up to go volunteer at the animal shelter, but decided to not go at the last minute because I know that I would come home with five new dogs and it was just better to avoid the heartache altogether. Those are some beautiful pups though when you guys do get one!

  4. Three things:

    1. My husband and I actually nodded in agreement as we read your views about goldens. We have two Goldens/English Setters that we rescued that we can’t get enough of…even out of the puppy stage!

    2. You look fantastic!!

    3. I made the same strawberry cake last week when Nate and his wife were visiting over their birthdays. It was AMAZING. We ate it all in 2 days. Enjoy!

  5. I showed your post to Carsten and it melted his heart. We have a no-pets-policy too and are extremely sad about it. Carsten grew up with a fox terrier and we now want a viszla. We always thought that we would have a dog before a we have a baby, but when we moved in Carsten was working shifts and I had a long commute, so a dog wasn’t really possible. Now those things changed, but we love the place we live in and baby plans are closer (though still a year or longer away) than moving… What I am trying to say is, we can relate very well and cannot wait to have a furry family member as well.

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