Friday Night Pizza Night

A few weeks ago, on a quiet Friday night, we decided to make pizza for dinner. Nick prepared The Pioneer Woman’s dough, and I blended together the ingredients for a tomato sauce from Annie’s Eats.

I topped my pie (yes, I had an entire pie to myself) with mozzarella cheese, Parmesan cheese, spinach, and mushrooms. And Nick neatly placed pepperonis on his — along with cheese and sweet Italian sausage. In less than 20 minutes, we were biting into crispy crust with savory sauce, melty cheesy, and all of our favorite toppings.

Between bites we envisioned future Friday nights with little hands shaping pizza dough and spreading sauce and snatching slices of cheese. And we decided it would be a fun tradition to start: Friday Night Pizza Night.

We tested it out when our nephews visited last weekend, and I think they approved. They preferred slices with extra cheese and pepperoni, washed down with glasses of chocolate milk. And after dinner we took them to The Meadows for ice cream sundaes.

We were too busy having fun to get any photos of the pizza, but we do have some sweet shots of the four of us.

What’s your favorite family food tradition?

7 thoughts on “Friday Night Pizza Night

  1. We’ve been doing taco Friday for as long as I can remember. It’s evolved from a super easy dinner to something with more of a gourmet feel now that my parents are retired and my mom subscribes to a CSA box. I love it and will definitely continue with my future family.

  2. So funny, we just did this with the girls last week! Kennedy enjoyed mushrooms and peppers and loved rolling out the dough. We had so much fun we decided this is going to be a weekly family tradition! Your little one will have a great time with this little cooking adventure.

  3. I always enjoyed “hanging out” in the kitchen when Dad made his homemade pizza pies. And occasionally I would even snitch a few pieces of freshly grated cheese!

  4. Tom’s family always did a popcorn and milkshake with movie night. The popcorn and milkshakes are in place of dinner. We’ve kept this up but more for us than Ethan because he won’t try the popcorn.

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